difficult child fired again...sigh

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by tawnya, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Yep, she got fired again. She has been in a program where they place her in jobs she can handle because of her delayed development, for lack of a better description. It works out well, because she really is placed in jobs where she can handle the expectations, etc. The problem is that she gets mad and cusses out the boss, etc. This time it was a no call no show problem. It does take quite awhile to get a new job placement, and she keeps shooting herself in the foot.

    Now, as you may remember, husband has never really gotten the detachment thing. He has been taking her to work for months at 6:00 am because she and boyfriend don't have a car. She flat out lied the other day and told him she didn't have to work, just because she didn't want to go. Apparently, this has happened more than once or she would not have been fired.

    And, as an aside, she and boyfriend say they are getting married in July of this year. She told husband that she is having a huge wedding. I wonder who's going to pay for it? She says she is getting married and having a baby. All I will say to that is I am still amazed that her dogs are still alive. They have been evicted from two places in the past year or so, can't pay the bills or buy groceries, have no transportation, etc. boyfriend is living with his parents right now so they can take him to his job.

    She told husband that she doesn't need to work because she can draw unemployment. As for having a baby? No problem she will get Medicaid. What? I didn't know you could just walk into an office somewhere and "get" Medicaid. Shows what I know.

    I swear this girl will never grow up and live in the real world. I told husband last night that the only thing I know is that she is not coming back here. He agreed, although I can see him buying groceries and paying bills for awhile. That is if we win the lottery.

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    Well, I sill say that getting Medicaid when pregnant was pretty easy for my Youngest. So was getting Medicaid for her son. No copays, free prescriptions, etc. But don't tell your difficult child I said that :p

    They just have these happy, perfect little scenarios all planned out in their heads, don't they? All you can do is sit back and watch, and practice those detachment skills. Hugs.
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    Yikes! You have my sympathy....especially about the childish expectations that it will be wonderful to have a baby of her own. Boy, there's nothing like a little baby to make life a bowl of cheeries! Somehow the Gerber baby pictures don't show
    the reality. Sending sincere caring support your way. DDD