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    so we are in the middle of a 2 half hr evaluation with-head pysch yesterday me, difficult child, and husband. all sorts of junk was discussed. she was totally overwhelmed.

    she says difficult child do you have any questions?.

    she proceeds to say..........

    well, i do not like the fact that my bathroom door is locked and i am not an aneroxic or bullimia patient so we need to talk about that

    than i want to document my experience here, and hopefully write a book. i want to know if videotapes are allowed. :)

    man oh man she blows my mind at times. the pyschdoc was so taken back she did one of those pyschiatrist hmmm and grabbed her chin. took a moment to figure out what am i going to say to this kid about that?? LOL
  2. ThreeShadows

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    That's amazing! She could have pitched a fit but she spoke like an adult. She doesn't sound overwhelmed. Is this a persona she adopts when she's under stress?
  3. Jena

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    she is like mom and decompartentilizes wow i can't spell lol when stressed. both my kids are like that it's absolutely absurd i guess they learned while watching mom. she did cry first than i took her hand signaled her to do her relaxation breathing and than she found her voice. her eyes rolled in back her head a few times. i've seen that only a handful of times in her life. when that happens she is totally overwhelmed beyond
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    She sounds like she has a great sense of humor and a funny outlook. I remember one day when my difficult child walked into his therapist's office, sat down and said in all seriousness - "So, how was YOUR week, doctor?"

    Make sure she has a great new journal and her favorite pens...
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    oh wow that's funny. i have to say i'm a bit nervous she has stopped journaling and writing her absolute favorite thing in the world. maybe now that i've fought the hospital into changing approach she will begin to write again