difficult child gave his truck.....away.


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It wasn't the greatest truck in the world. husband always had it fixed by a friend who would fix it cheap, husband bought the parts. We heard lots of lies recently about where it was, and why was he driving his boss' car, but every time another complete lie- that we knew was a lie as he said it-would materialize. Finally he told husband he just gave it away. Is that a lie? Who knows where it went. husband just yells and hangs the phone up. husband was going to get difficult child a job with him. This would have been a big step for all because husband always said difficult child could never take the responsibility. It seems difficult child maybe could try and we'll see- but now he doesn't have a vehicle. He said he just gave it away. The title was signed over for free. I think it's just an excuse because difficult child doesn't really want to work all that hard. Minimal effort is good enough. I'll help him from afar if I can. Recently difficult child called here asking if he could borrow some excersise equipment, husband said he could have it if difficult child wasn't planning on selling it. A friend was going to help him.(He doesn't have room for this). Once husband said that this friend wasn't going to "buy" this, right? difficult child said, "forget it".He hasn't changed, I have, but this behavior is so upsetting.-Alyssa


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Sorry, Alyssa. I suppose if you or husband have any ownership rights
or insurance coverage on the vehicle you will have to pursue the
issue and verify that it is indeed sold. We had a similar event
and the car was sold BUT the tag was left on the vehicle! In Fl.
the tag does NOT get left on the car. Geez! It is always something, isn't it? Hope you find out for sure soon. Hugs. DDD


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Did he give the truck to someone to use or did he actually sign the registration over, sign and file a statement of non-responsibility with the state or take whomever he gave the truck to to the DMV to have ownership transferred? If he didn't he's (or you) are still responsible. Even with a statement of non-responsibility he could still be held responsible if the other party didn't fully transfer ownership. Even if he thinks you are being a royal pain, the legal ramifications are too high to not be sure of this.


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UGH! is right! I truly wonder what motivates our difficult child's? Glad to hear that even tho your difficult child hasn't changed YOU have. It's sooo frustrating!

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I agree that you should take whatever steps are necessary to protect yourself if your name is on the title.

What we learned was that difficult child's disappearing possessions were all being sold for drugs. I hope that is not true in your son's case. Whatever is happening to your son's possessions, you and husband need to give yourselves credit for trying to help your son and then, wash your hands of the situation.

The detachment site is listed at the bottom of my posts. If you have never used it, you might find it helpful to you as you and your husband walk through this part.

I am sorry this is happening to you and your family. I remember how confused we were too, before we finally allowed ourselves to admit that what was happening to our son was something we could not help him with.



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Hi, It was his truck and only in his name. We paid for nothing, not even insurance, so its really none of our business. (But why did he give it away?). I should just be glad at least that he has his job and is paying his own bills. It just hurts still that he is so ready to con us and sad that I can still never believe anything he says. Barbara, you're right about this being nothing we can help him with. If not for husband, I would have allowed him to come and "borrow" the excersise equipment. -Alyssa