difficult child goes for intake tomorrow......

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    Okay....the days have finally counted down. difficult child goes for his intake evaluation tomorrow. I'm SO Excited!!!!!!
    But he goes back on the 12th for his acutally testing. His behavior has actually gotten better. I've been reading "The Explosive Child" and it's helped quite a bit.

    His inattention has been a problem but that's understandable because we're not changing his ADD medications until after testing. His teacher has been very understanding with this. He has more of his Aspie traits becoming apparant to me now.

    I took some pics of his stacking and organization of his cars during play. I moved one of them 1/2" when he wasn't looking. He noticed. (I was just checking)

    He removed his p.j.'s because they weren't fleece and itched him. So I'm taking notes (I hate doing it....but Vandy needs to know all/most of his symptoms).

    But we're excited. ANSWERS!!!! His school won't do speech (his motor skills are horrible) or help him without an IEP so we have to get everything in order first.

    Even difficult child is excited. I told him that we were going tomorrow. It's suprising to me because normally he stresses about new social interactions. Tomorrow is another story.....
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    Fingers crossed for you! I hope the evaluation is thorough and helps you all!

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    That's wonderful that the day has come!!!!! :dance: Best wishes coming your way for some answers & help!!!!!