difficult child going to AA tongiht

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by compassion, May 27, 2010.

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    Hi, It has been rough and wooly these past 3 weeks. difficult child got kicked out of place her bofreind and her were squatting. She was here a few nights and then got her into a nice sublease. The drinking got really heavy. Monday she got cirted from the apt. complex for the loud noise and peop0le coming and going at all hours. She on her own siad she is goign to AA. My detatchemnt has paid off. I am not having huge expectations but it hs been nice that she has been sober the past few days. She is going with her bofriend and her bofrends brother who has b een sober a few years. They are goign to a student meeting. Compassion
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    Compassion, going to a meeting certainly never hurt anyone. You're smart to not have huge expectations, but one can keep hoping, right? I know that my son used to go to meetings and then stopped. He began going in February faithfully,, and this time is truly working the program. In our area, they have what are called Alano Clubs - basically sober clubs that have a bit more social interaction to them than just going to different places for meetings. It's been wonderful for my son, as it's a place he feels he belongs.

    Good luck ! Fingers crossed that this meeting will get through to her. Keep us posted.

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    Thanks, I will let you know. THere is a strong clubhouse here also. It is Memoral Day weekend and there will be sober baqrbecues,picinics,etc. I went with her when she ws 15,she is now 17 and I am encouraging her as mcuh as possible!!! Compassion
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    She did go and got a white chip Thursday night,went last night, andis to go tonight. She got a Big Book, her bofriend's brother signed it. I am not having unrealsitc expectations but I am hopeful. Detach,detatch,detatch. It has been nice seeing her more sober these past few days. Compassion