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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Jun 29, 2009.

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    wm joined me for my golf league last Thursday. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) manager worked with wm ~ prepared him for the various disabilities he might witness in my league. Amputees, stroke victims, brain injured, etc.

    When I met my son (escorted by Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) manager) at the course he was beyond excited; also insisted on driving a golf cart. The PTs are very patient with my difficult children. PT informed wm that he had to have a driver's license to drive a cart. Then wm insisted on riding with me in my one person cart. PT had to define very clearly & demonstrate to wm why the cart I used is for one person.

    Finally wm settled in & helped me & others tee up their balls; in between he got lessons from the PT & was able to hit 6 balls to my 1 or 2. He did well ~ really got under the ball & drove one out 150 yards or so.

    We golfed one hole together & headed back in ~ too hot & humid. wm, Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker, PT & I worked on filling up buckets with golf balls & then enjoyed a pop & chatted.

    Out of the blue my son asked PT what would happen if he dug up big holes about the course? What would happen if he painted his name on the greens? wm was informed by PT that he would be banned from not only this course ~ all the courses that are run by the county & the city.

    I don't know where this stuff comes from ~ having a good day & out of the blue we're talking vandalism. You gotta luv wm.
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    How awesome that he was able to golf with you! Sounds like a memory to write down, maybe with a picture if someone took one.

    The PT was great with him - sounds like he had a lot of nervousness and a different reaction from the PT could have really made things go downhill.

    It is interesting to see the switch to "what if I??" but I don't think that the questions he asked are limited to difficult children. I can remember most of the guys I grew up with commenting at one point or another about spray painting a golf course or digging up parts of one. Several of the kids I went to school with went with their older sibs and dug up one of the golf courses. Only two of the kids were difficult children, but about six of them participated.

    I am glad you enjoyed it. Also that you are back to golfing - there always seems to be a smile in the posts where you mention golfing.
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    How very nice that wm was able to join you. Sounds like he was mostly appropriate. Hey, at least he is asking what the consequences would be before he vandalizes! LOL! I hope they deter him. He is a curious boy! Did he always ask questions?
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    this is great! I'm so glad that you and wm were able to enjoy this time together and you were able to share a passion of yours with your son. I'm with Susie and Wendy, I wouldn't read too much into Wm's statements/questions.

    Hope you two can enjoy another round in less hot and humid weather. Might really give wm something to look forward to and good physical distance is part of the game....

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    Sounds like you two had a good day! So glad to hear that. As for the what if questions? LOL I've had my share of those too from difficult child AND from my brother when he was younger, cousins, husband's nephew....pretty much every boy I have contact with. *shrug* What can you do?
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    Sounds like some good bonding time! I can totally see difficult child asking the same type of questions!