difficult child got a gift for husband's birthday for the first time, ever!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Mar 23, 2013.

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    We have been trying for yrs got get difficult child to participate in holidays and bdays, give gifts, understand what gift giving means.
    Finally, yesterday, on husband's birthday, difficult child said, "Can we stop somewhere and get Dad a present?"
    I about ran over the curb.
    He had some money that Cousin P gave him so I chipped in a little and he bought husband a $10 Barnes and Noble card, so husband could buy something for his Nook. (Or Kindle. Whichever product B&N has, lol--obviously, I don't have one.)
    difficult child signed the card, "Your son, difficult child." Usually he signs it "Signed: G. F. G." Like a biz ltr. That's what he was taught in kindergarten, so again this is a first ... he signed his name differently.
    husband chuckled and said, "It's a good thing you signed it, "Your son," because I might not have known."
    Luckily, difficult child didn't take it personally ... but we do have a lot of people with-his name in the family.
    The other first is that he wanted tight, straight leg jeans. That was his girlfriend's idea. Fine by me. I hate, hate, hate the sag.
    I told him that I would buy him jeans, underwear and socks if he came home immediately and gathered everything in his room that didn't fit him.
    Wow. Lots of stuff. I can sell some and give away some.
    I made husband gluten free carrot cake for his birthday. difficult child ate a huge piece, even though he thought it was odd to put carrots in a cake. :)
    I think the Depakote is working!
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    Congrats!! That's awesome. I bet you are absolutely thrilled. My son doesn't understand the meaning of giving gifts either. I hope he catches on like your son did. He's just started on Depakote so we'll see if that helps him too.
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    Thank you!
    Everyone's metabolism is different, so all you can do is try the medication and see what happens.
    There is a saliva test to determine which medications would work with-which individuals but our psychiatrist told us it really only works for SSRIs (antidepressants), and Depakote is an anticonvulsant/mood stabilizer.
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    Most excellent post Terry! Like I said, with oldest difficult child no medications really worked but the Depakote did and when it worked, wow what a difference. Just watch for the plateau and/or when it goes out of wack too high. You can easily get it back within limits but you WILL see the difference in behaviors starting to change. Just a big heads up! I really wish my difficult child would go back on it but she refuses due to the weight gain and the fact that she just couldn't control her eating. More like she WOULDN'T control it. I know it was the depression doing it as she cycles into serious depression in late fall early winter and it sticks with her until Jan/Feb.

    I really hope this sticks with your difficult child and you can maintain it with careful watching of the levels and that he doesn't decide to go off it for any reason or need to!
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    Fantastic step forward! Thanks for sharing. DDD
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    Great positive post on all counts Terry, congratulations!!! :hi5:
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    So nice to see a positive update on difficult child from you!
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    Great post.....bookmark this one!
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    This is so special!
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    What a nice thing to read! That's awesome Terry! Yay!!!!
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    What an awesome update Terry!! Hoping that you see it continuing.
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    Thank you. I do, too!