difficult child got a job!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Well, that about sums up how I feel! Lol~
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    Way to go difficult child~!
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    I'm very happy for both of you!
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    Woo hoo!
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    Hooray!!! :)
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    That's wonderful, Jo!!!!!!!!! When does she start? What will she be doing?

    Suz :wine:
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    OMG, she merely went in to fill an application out and the hiring woman/owner asked difficult child if she had a few moments right there to sit down with her. difficult child said yes. After some questions and answers, the woman stood up, excused herself and went into a nearby office where difficult child heard her say, "Do you have a few minutes - I want to speak with you outside." difficult child groaned inwardly, thinking that was the end of the interview, having been rejected so many times in the past few months. She was ready for it and already had her hand on her bag when the woman came in and asked her, right then and there, if she was interested and if she could start...............TODAY!!!!

    Last night, difficult child was still in shock, really. She just couldn't believe it. She still has a lot of questions for the owner lady, but she was so shocked yesterday that she left without asking! Hahaha...for instance, what is her pay and how often, when is her lunch break and how long and some other things. Get this, she's also eligible for full health benefits at 6 months - wowser. I am psyched - I can tell H is trying to remain conservatively excited as well.

    Oops, forgot to add the job description: She will be doing primarily secretarial work, answering phones, filing, faxing and some sales - the office is upstairs and the storefront is downstairs. It is a family owned local meat market, been around for ages and it's where we happen to purchase our raw food for the dogs! We've been going there for years, so when difficult child walked in, there were some people who said, "Hey, how's it going? I recognize you!" - made her feel less nervous.

    Oh and another thing I REALLY like is that no one is allowed to use their cells during business hours. They are very old school, which is exactly what difficult child needs to learn if she wants to work in an office.
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    Wow...great job! Way To Go difficult child!
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    It's absolutely wonderful , Jo. I hope she loves it and they love her.

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    Sounds wonderful, especially the part about no cell phones.

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    Oh my! difficult child came home last night and told me about her day. She looked shell shocked! Apparently, the majority of employees are either excons or on parole and they all told how much it hoovers to work there and to keep looking for a job. Eiyaiyai. I told difficult child it's fine if she wants to keep looking but she can't quit in the meantime. She needs the job and money. They are paying $10.75/hr!

    The boss also told her that they had applicants that were more qualified but that all the males who work in butcher area called her and begged her to hire difficult child! Can you imagine hearing such a thing? difficult child is not flattered. Due to her assault she already wary of men ogling her and since they are all excons for God knows what....

    I told her to be careful and to let a manager know if she's not comfortable or if anyone crosses the line. Oy!
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    The roller coaster life of a difficult child continues......I hope she is pleasantly surprised!