Difficult Child got a new job...and still has old job...


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She got a call back for the CNA position she applied for! She will. Be working full time, night shift. She still has her hostess job and says she will finish out this was schedule, and possible pick up some hours, if they will work around her new job. The shifts as a hostess is usually 3 or 4 hours. I am not sure if that is wise, but at least she didn't up and quit.

But...can't find her SS card, but I did tell her to stop by SS office and she has a new one being sent to her. I do have a her tribal membership card and it has her SS number...so maybe that will work for a day or two.

So good news! KSM


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Wanting to work is a great sign. Being able to get and keep a job (any kind of job) is a great sign. I watched that for a while with Difficult Child before I got closer again. I didn't trust it at all at first.

Today, it's been two years this week (cause for celebration!) since he got out of jail and began turning his life around. According to him, the final straw is that he was scared straight. Today, he is starting a new job making $23 an hour as an electrician's helper. One and a half years ago he was homeless. I am so grateful for the change he has made happen in his life.

Hang in there. Let her work two jobs. It's good for them to be tired and get up to do it all over again. That builds character.


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I want to get my hopes up... Things have started well in the past, and then she seems to get overwhelmed, or starts getting in to drama with other employees or supervisors.

I am proud she applied and got a better job. Just feel cautiously optimistic. KSM


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So many of the adult children won't work and both depend on their parents for money and resent their parents for still having control over them BECAUSE the parents still hold the power of the purse. Rightly so too.

Even if your daughter gets stressed, she is willing/eager to work. If neither of these jobs work out, may be help her find a low stress job. I am a host and there is almost no stress where I work and it's fun. People with anxiety may do best in slow paced jobs.

It's the idea that she wants to work that makes me enthusiastic.