difficult child got her license!!

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Second time's the charm! difficult child got her license today! :bravo:

She's out doing circles around our neighborhood right now...in my car. This weekend she is learning how to drive her car (a 5 speed) so she doen't have to drive mine anymore. Yippee!


:bravo: Way to go, difficult child!!! :bravo:

It took me 2 tries, too. To this day I avoid parallel parking at all costs!


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Congratulations! I know she's thrilled as can be. Let's hope she is very responsible and her driving is a sign of maturity.

My difficult child got her temps and should be getting her license in June but we have pulled back the reigns because her grades were falling. She's brought most of them up so she will be driving....driving us crazy.....this summer. I'm still not ready for her to drive herself though. I don't like that she will be able to go somewhere and I don't know it.


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Huge congrats difficult child!! :bravo:

N is in the process of learning to drive. My son in law has already been car shopping for her. easy child is planning to buy a cheap car for N and N can pay her back later.

N is getting quite the experience. Not only do son in law and easy child take her driving in my car but also their Jeep and his huge truck. The next one will be his 5 speed honda. lmao

sister in law also has required N to learn to change her own oil, change a tire, and repair break pads among other things. He is determined that no female in his family will be stranded on the side of the road. lmao

I bet difficult child is so proud of herself. :grin:


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That's great, Jo. I never learned how to drive a stick shift. Very smart to have her learn it now! I hope she does well.



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Thanks! I told difficult child that everyone wishes her well and she rolled her eyes...lol.

I took her out yesterday and today, made her drive all the way up to her school today and back and through some heavy traffic. She stalled a few times and ground out some gears, but otherwise she did exceptionally well.

When first decided that this car would be good for her, we had concerns about the 5 speed thing. But then I thought, for her, she works pretty well with diversified tasks. It's funny because if I give her one stupid simple simon task to do, she will NOT get it done. It will take alllll day. But seems to do well when she's got 2-3 things going on at once. Haha - is that a typical ADHD thing or what?

I am comfortable with her driving the 5 speed without me, which means I get my car back now.