difficult child had a wonderful weekend!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by whateveryousay2007, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. whateveryousay2007

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    I can't believe that difficult child was wonderful everyday without a single meltdown! The only "incident" we had was Thanksgiving morning he couldn't find his pop-tarts. So he went to the pantry & in the process dropped a can of soup on his big toe. (which required a trip to the doctor on Saturday...)

    But he was wonderful. But....he did stack cars & boxes all weekend. Whatever makes him happy....

    He goes for intake on the 28th & testing on the 12th. I notice a big shift in his attitude and defiance when he goes to school versus him being at home. I already know that his teacher will call me tonight and tell me that he wouldn't pay attention and shut down.
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    That's wonderful that difficult child had a great thanksgiving holiday :thumbsup:.

    As I just mentioned to kjs in her post, school is the pressure point for most of our difficult children and one of the hardest things to handle as the parent of a difficult child. Just he anxiety of school can cause the smile to turn downwards for my difficult child.

    Hope things continue to be pleasant as many of us use the "Christmas is coming, you better be good" technique :christmasgift:!!!!!

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    :bravo: I am very happy to hear about the no meltdown holiday! That is a rarity around here! LOL!

    I hope it continues.
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    Hi Whatever, so glad you had a meltdown-free Thanksgiving. Hey, I'd be upset, too, if a can of soup fell on my toe!
    I've got my fingers crossed for school today.
  5. whateveryousay2007

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    I was pleased that he even took a picture with Santa. Although he wouldn't look at the camera (aspie trait) he did smile. I am suprised that everything went as well as it did.
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    CONGRATS!!! on the meltdown free holiday that's wonderful

    My son is almost completely opposite he's actually good for the most part at school and not so much at home!!

    Not real sure which I'd rather have not good at school but good at home or the other way LOL

    WHEN MEDICATED ONLY!!!!!!!!!11
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    Awesome news! :bravo: