difficult child had assessment at school finally

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    And the school psychologist said after what the teachers said what difficult child said and what we said, he no longer see it as Aspergers. He is beginning to believe it is ADHD that she has been able to compensate for all of these years. He said it appears very differently in girls than in boys, and that the anxiety sleeplessness ODD and disorganization as well as everything else are all signs of it. The more I am reading about it the more I feel I am reading about my difficult child. It is like they are holding up a mirror to her and writing down everything she is doing. So, the school psychiatric. gave us the name of a place that does intense evaluations of ADHD as well as mood disorders and I am going to call today to make her an appointment. It sounds like it will take weeks to complete. They meet with her 5 or 6 times!! That will be the most that anyone has sat with her. Her psychiatrist talked to her for about 45 min. and gave us her diagnosis with no testing involved. Just a self assessment. So, I am excited to see what comes of this.
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    That is wonderful news! My sister is much the same, no way she has any form of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) but has the anxiety, avoidance, etc....she was not identified as adhd until she was in college! I do think girls are not identified as readily as boys.

    I hope the evaluation goes well and she finds it hopeful.
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    That's great news!! It sounds like you are a little closer to answers for your difficult child and I'm happy for you.
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    I am Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) you are finally getting some answers that make sense to you! And just having a name for it might help your daughter.
    Yes, evaluation do take time but you will learn so much along the way. It is well worth it.
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    That's great that everyone spent so much time with-her. I assume you're going to change her medications and diet? Best of luck! How does difficult child feel about it?
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    Terry, we are not changing medications yet. We need to have a through evaluation. This was just done by the school. We are going to be scheduling an appointment. at a center that does extensive testing for ADD/HD as well as mood disorders. It takes 6 or 7 sessions for the entire assessment is done. It will be interesting if that is what she has. It would be no wonder the medications aren't really working.