difficult child had court yesterday..

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  1. difficult child was in jail 5 nights. He pleaded guilty on the 2 traffic violations. pleaded not-guilty to the criminal mischief & was appointed an atty. The atty spoke with him & then me briefly. He didn't give me alot to go on other than to say that he could get off..but if not he was most likely looking at probation and restitution to the family for at least the deductible if not the full amount of damage ($3,000) but "most likely no jail time"

    We decided to pay the $500 to bail difficult child out on the CM charge. He's scheduled to go to trial on November 18th. He was also scheduled to work at the recyling center for 17 days. 6:45-3:30 M-F to clear the traffic violations. If he doesn't show..he will get 34 days back in jail.

    He had violations in two counties so i called both this morning just to be sure we had no other suprises coming our way..lol Our county says after recyling he is complete with all of theirs. The other county apparently has has a generous judge! I knew difficult child was supposed to pay $125 plus attend traffic school (the ticket was from Nov of 09!!) and we recieved yet another notice of failure to appear to driving school just weeks ago..amazingly the women i spoke with today said the judge decided to just lower the amount of speed shown on the ticket just slightly..making the one $50 payment he had made enough to cover it..and without driving school it will show up on his record now,but as far as their files he's done there as well.

    Now i can only pray that having a week in jail (his 1st time) was enough to nudge him into getting these things resolved without more trouble..and then maybe we can move on to getting him his GED and a job!!
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    Whew. I really hope this is a lesson learned... keeping fingers crossed!
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    Body parts crossed this was a life lesson that sunk in.