difficult child had his first really bad day at work--2-1/2 wks!

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    Hey, I was expecting him to run home the first day, so this is amazing. Of course, I didn't tell him that.

    Last night we had to "share" the car (this is becoming more of an issue lately). I dropped him off, and he said to pick him up at 10. Sometimes there's a game or some issue so he stays later. So at 10 I called him. He was really mad that I wasn't there.
    He called back in 10 seconds and said he was walking. I found him about halfway home.

    Turns out he "did everything wrong and almost got sent home." He also said he was "not on top of his game" (that's got to be the manager's phrase) and he messed up nearly every order he gave.

    I can guarantee you that he's been eating a ton of wheat (they get coupon books with-free meals), hasn't been sleeping, and has NOT been taking his clonidine. I made him take one last night because he was slamming around stuff in the house and his voice was so loud! I have been wanting him to take 1/2 before work but he refuses.

    He learns everything the hard way. I hope we can sit down and discuss this. I told him I knew that he felt awful and it feels awful to feel awful, but it's a good thing, because he takes pride in his job. husband told him it was a learning curve. He probably didn't hear a word we said.

    So far, he's still on the schedule next week. Fingers crossed.

    Also, he got his FIRST CHECK! And he spent it ALL. He is supposed to pay us back immediately out of every paycheck but of course, he didn't. He bought a new phone, and new contract (I have to cancel Verizon). He bought several video games, lots of food and a couple of unidentifiable things. (Online banking that I can monitor.)

    Also, we got his interim grades. AABBCCCDD. That's what he texted me. I have to go online to see which classes they correspond with. I'm betting that math and history are the Ds, and culinary and ceramics are A's. :)
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    Sorry he had such a bad day at work. In sure you are right that how he is eating and not taking the clonidine is affecting his performance. Hopefully he will listen.

    My difficult child is horrible with his spending as well.

    I hope things go way better the next time he works!
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    Thank you!
    He just called to tell me that he had good news and bad news. He's making more money ... because he's pulling an all-nighter. He gets off at 5 a.m.
    He thinks he's going to sleep on the couch all day with his girlfriend.
    I'm going to text her mom and ask that she keep her home so that he can sleep in bed.
    Should be an interesting weekend, observing his behavior with-the day/night changes.
    He is SO excited that he has redeemed himself and that he will be making extra money.
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    Glad he redeemed himself! I hope the all nighter goes okay. That it's definitely something my difficult child couldn't do due to his medications.