difficult child has bad luck with cars...or is just stupid or both

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Sep 30, 2008.

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    difficult child called me last night at 11:30PM crying hysterically. She had a car accident. Some guy in a Ford F-150 was making a left without using a signal, difficult child went to pass on the right (illegal but everyone does it) and then the guy made a wide right and smashed into difficult child's pos Honda civic and scrunched the drivers front corner. Ouch. Supposedly, the cops gave her a verbal warning for yelling at the guy, MB a written warning for passing on the right and the other guy a written warning for failing to use a signal.

    After making sure she was okay and the car was driveable, I instructed her to come home - she was already late but I chalked it up to the accident. H was worried about her driving home but when I called her back she was already halfway home. We waited.

    When she came home I read the police report and guess who was listed as the driver? Monkeyboy. Well, as much as I wasn't surprised, still, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Oh God. Are you kidding me?!

    difficult child claims the officer made a mistake and that the guy who hit her told the cop that MB was driving even though difficult child kept telling them that she was driving. Sorry, no, not buying this story. She must really think we are dopes. I asked her this morning if she's made the correllation between MB being in her life and her life inhaling deeply yet? She started the waterworks and left for school.

    Two steps forward, one step back. Seems to just be the way of things around here. She loves school, is doing very well with work...I just don't get this part of her.
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    Sorry. Accidents are scary. I hope no injuries show up later.
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    This is why I am terrified of my difficult child getting a license. (She's only 11 now but I'm already scared)

    You might tell her to stop fighting that MB was driving. At least this way the accident won't go on her driving record. She doesn't want higher insurance rates for the next 4 years.

    Is the car still drivable or is it junk now?

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    It can be so hard to figure out someone you care about isn't the person for you. Nichole is having the same issues. It's like because she loves boyfriend, he should be the person that she needs and wants him to be. Instead of who they are. Know what I mean??

    Nichole is only beginning to come around. And if boyfriend doesn't get his act together, I doubt the relationship is going to last much longer. At least these days she can finally see the boy has his own issues and faults. That Mr Perfect bs was really getting to me. lol

    I think it's good you pointed out to her that her life changes for the worst when MB is in it. I point out things like that to Nichole, too. I don't make a big deal. Usually just off handed comments. But eventually it does begin to sink in and they start to think about it themselves.

    Car accidents are scary business. Glad no one was hurt.

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    I hope MB plans on meeting the deductibles on the car. Seems fair enough.

    Glad no one was hurt.