difficult child has been suspended

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    Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later.

    difficult child was in the cafeteria and got into a fight with-another kid. Apparently the other kid provoked difficult child. (He is both easily provoked and provocative.)

    The other kid got ISS. difficult child got 2 days out. It was going to be 10 days, but when he told the asst principal what happened, and many witnesses corroborated, he cut it to two days.

    Apparently this kid is always in trouble. The AP even told difficult child that this won't be the last time he will see this kid and it's not the first time the kid has been in his office. He also told me the same thing on the ph today. (I told him that difficult child was doing homework and was grounded off of electronics so it wouldn't be a vacation. He thanked me for my support and said nothing else was needed and that difficult child was a good kid. He said he really didn't expect to see difficult child back in his ofc again.)

    Principal called husband at home yesterday, while difficult child was still in the office, and talked to husband and the AP made sure everyone was on the same page. They gave difficult child a bunch of homework and he finished it all last night.

    He was so angry and ashamed that he refused to go to baseball practice.

    husband made him go up to the coach and explain why. So he told the coach he was suspended from school and he didn't feel like being around other people right now. The coach told him that sometimes running around a baseball field is a good way to blow off steam. difficult child said he still didn't want to. Coach said he could come back in an hr if he changed his mind.
    husband made difficult child promise he'd go on Saturday.

    I talked to difficult child just a little bit ago. He said that J said that difficult child's girlfriend was a "hoe." (Trying to get the spelling right so the word doesn't get kicked off the board.)
    He kept getting in difficult child's face and difficult child said "I'll hit you," and held his fist up at an angle (I know exactly what it's like because he's done it to me.)
    Other kid didn't believe him, pointed to his cheek, and said, "Hit me right here."

    So difficult child slapped him.

    No fist. Slapped him. (It's almost funny. Some of you may remember this happening with-another kid a cpl mo's ago. What's with-the slapping?)
    Because difficult child was the slapper, he got 2 days out. Because J was the slappee, he got 2 days ISS. :sigh:

    I said, "So, now you know what he's like, and he's not worth your time, and you just have to walk away."

    Yeah ... easier said than done, I'm sure. Fingers crossed.

    So, I was going to finish a mural yesterday, but ended up in a mini-ER with-my cousin ... 3 hrs or so there, then difficult child ... Life's a b*tch, then you die ...
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    Oh... geez. :rolleyes:
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    don't forget than we gotta pay taxes also :)

    go finish your mural..... i'm sorry ((hugs)))
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    At least they recognized and acknowledged the other kid egging him into it. That kind of thing happens a lot and usually no one will say anything or no one will do anything. And he slapped instead of punching. Not perfect, but might it be progress?
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    I'm glad they knocked it down to two days. Sorry yesterday was such a bummer of a day. Hugs.
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    Oh yeah. That, too.

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