difficult child has court again tomorrow


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Please keep us in your prayers. It's been so terrible these past few weeks, everything is starting to break me down. I wound up calling out sick I have a terrible migraine and the medications the dr. gave me is making me sick to my stomach, my neck and back hurt, it most likely is from all the stress of everything.

He is going with open-plea. I just hope he gets help and just not sent to some prison for a long time. I'm sick over this. And he is getting worse, he has nightmares about Timmy every night and crys all the time, he is self medicating, etc.

I feel so lost. The dr. did give me an anti depressant. Lexepro. I hope it helps me, any one take this? Let me know how it worked for you.

This week will be 2 months for my Timmy. I just am so heart broken, and now this with difficult child and court, it's just so terrible.

Please keep us in your prayers. Tomorrow will be hard, but the next court date will be sentencing so I know I'll still be sick for like 6 weeks or however long it takes. I just can't keep going on like this.



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You and your family have been in my thoughts. Please be sure that you are eating something with the pain medications, and keeping a little on your stomach throughout the day. Pain medications will make you feel awful if you don't have food in your stomach. Even a piece of toast and a little milk.

Things are hard enough for you right now without your feeling sick as well.


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I was just thinking about you today. You will remain in my prayers - especially tomorrow. Slowly, I know this will start getting better for you.

Yes, I take Lexapro - and it has helped me tremendously. I have been on it for 8 years. I am so glad your doctor has given you something to help a bit with the depression.

Hang in there......and let us know how tomorrow goes.

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Have been keeping you in my daily prayers-will say an extra prayer for difficult child's court appearance.


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Bette, I will keep my fingers crossed and rattle beads that court goes as well as it can. You have a lot on your plate right now. I wish there was something I could do to take the load off. I know that I can't, so I hope that you knowing that we all care, and will pray, cross fingers, and rattle beads for you and your family helps just a little bit.



More agony for you and yours. Fingers crossed things go better than anticipated.

Update us when you can.



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Sending prayers your way. Please take care of yourself. And be gentle and kind to yourself. It is OK to feel horrible.


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Well he took the open plea, so now I will pray this judge will be fair. he went for mental health screening, next he has to meet with someone for pre-sentencing interview?? I don't even know what that is. He was upset, he knows he has time to face, btu I am hoping for help, not prison. he is not a bad person, just very troubled. he needs help.

He asked me to send pictures of the cat his baby. and Tim. he is worried the cat will die before he sees him again, Tiger is 12 y/o. It just breaks my heart.

next hearing is 10/30 that's if they get all the paperwork back in time, atty told me he has trials around then so he might ask for delay anyway. I wish it was after the holidays, I can't bear the thought of him being away and my little guy gone. Just me and easy child. I don't think I'd make it thru it. I just don't think I have anymore left in me.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I'm a mess, I've been sick for 2 days now, going to try and lay down.



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I, too, have been thinking of you and sending caring thoughts and
prayers your way. Obviously I can't even grasp the depth of your
pain but want you to know that I do care. Hugs. DDD


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Prayers being said that the lawyer can push this past the holidays so you do not have to worry about him not being there