difficult child has the flu. Good thoughts/prayers needed

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, Nov 30, 2012.

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    difficult child 1 started feeling sick on Tuesday night with a sore throat and bad headache. By Wednesday morning she developed a cough and runny nose so I took the day off work to make a dr. appointment for her. Before going to the docs, I went to Mcdonald's while difficult child was sleeping and bought myself a soda. I came home and put the soda on the counter. I went to the bathroom and difficult child woke up. I went into the kitchen to take a drink of my diet coke. As soon as I took a sip, difficult child tells me, "Oh by the way, I just took a sip of that." Wha??? Um, excuse me, young lady, you're sick as a dog and you know I could catch it from you!!! All she could say was a feeble little "sorry" with a half smile on her face. So I take her to the doctors. Turns out she has the damn flu. He put her on bed rest for the rest of the week. No school. So now, after her taking a sip out of my drink, I may get it too. Damn me for not getting our flu shots! Even the doctor blamed me and told me that it was my fault difficult child was sick! But normally we are all so healthy and it is totally rare for any of us to get sick. So I've been taking my chances all these years and now the flu has finally struck home. So good thoughts and prayers are needed that I don't get sick. I can't afford to take more time off of work. I'm worried difficult child 2 will get sick as well, since him and his sister frequently share drinks/food. If he has to miss any school because of illness he is gonna freak. He doesn't like missing school at all whatsoever for any reason. So please pray we don't get it!
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    I hope you don't get sick! I think that sip she took of your soda isn't going to matter. You are all touching the same handles, breathing the same air, and sharing all kinds of germs in the house. Crossing my fingers for all of you!