difficult child having oral surgery & freaking out!!


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'> </span> <span style="color: #000099"> </span> okay everyone - tomorrow my difficult child is having oral surgery (some kind of extensive) and he is totally freaked out about it. think about us and hopefully we won't have too many problems. he is freaked out by needles and being put to sleep. ohhh - i'm dreading it!


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My easy child had to be "put out" at the dentist for a procedure once.
Before they started they gave him something to drink "a medicine cocktail" to calm him before the anastheisia. He didn't even notice when the needle came into play. I don't know exactly what the cocktail was because I made my husband take him to the appointment! :smile:

Try taking music & head phones to try and distract him.

I'll be thinking og you...


I wish you the best of luck. I find with these situations the anticipation is usually worse than the procedure. My prayers and good thoughts will be with you tomorrow. Please give us an update and let us know how it goes.


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Good luck! I hope you have a good staff that can deal with-him and get him calmed down. Headphones are a good idea.


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Most oral surgeons don't use needles, they will give gas....have you asked about the method of anesthesia? My dentist is so good at giving shots I close my eyes and never know when the shot is given....he pre-numbs the area first so you don't feel the needle at all. I don't think your difficult child is the only one who would be freaking out about this and I would think your oral surgeon would have methods for calming patients.... let the surgeon and any others in the office know of his fears......

I don't like people messing with my mouth either!

Good luck with the procedure......


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actually most oral surgeons do not give gas. they use intravenous thru the arm, then oral novacaine.

ask your family doctor to RX something to calm him when he wakes up n the morn before his appointment at the oral surgeon.


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Okay - he was very edgy all morning - but he really tries to be calm. His stomach hurt all night last night.

We went to oral surgeon and he was talking and talking and talking - & the regular nurse was out so a substitute nurse was there today (I didn't know that was going Occupational Therapist (OT) happen) & anyway - SHE was so giggly and talked fast - had to be ADHD (LOL)

difficult child said to nurse when she was hooking him up to monitor heart during procedure "Wait for me to get ready!" - I said "difficult child - she isn't sticking you yet." He says "I know - I juse want to be ready" - and he is talking and getting louder and louder and talking - VERY obvious he was nervous - but he was VERY VERY VERY GOOD!!!!

Starting the IV was almost a problem - but the talkative & giggly nurse kept hopping round talking and got him distrated while the DOCTOR started the IV! Weird - but she worked after all! LOL

Well, prodedure lasted about one hour and they got me and Dr. said that difficult child was funny because he was laughing and talking and stopped on a dime to fall asleep. He said that was funny.

He was okay on the way home - and once inside - started getting mad because he is hungry and his mouth is bleeding and he wants to eat but not taste blood - etc. etc. (I don't blame him). He sat in recliner and crashed - for an hour! Woke up mad again - LOL! I had mashed potatoes & gravy (cooled, of course) ready for him along with pain medications. He ate all the potatoes (I need to cook more) and husband bought him a milkshake to eat with a spoon.

difficult child watching cartoons & music videos (going back & forth) and is donig good.

I did not lose my cool with him when he got mad - I understand he is scared, in pain, and hungry and doesn't know how to handle it. I'm proud of myself.

Thanks for everyone's prayers and thoughts!! Much appreciated!!!


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Congrats....what a relief that it's over and he is fine....What a good and patient mom you are. I hope tonight and tomorrow are even better.....



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VERY obvious he was nervous - but he was VERY VERY VERY GOOD!!!!

I did not lose my cool with him when he got mad - I understand he is scared, in pain, and hungry and doesn't know how to handle it. I'm proud of myself.

Excellent! Bravo for both of you!!! He's probably going to be cranky again tomorrow so cut yourselves some slack. Good luck.