difficult child home from second hospital stay tonight


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Hey everyone! My SO is on her way home with difficult child as I type. This was his second hospital stay in about a month. I am hoping for the best and of course fearing the worst. (but not letting that fear squash the hope ;)) We had a meeting today with a "family navigator" that we got in touch with through the nebraska helpline where we live and it was so nice to sit down face to face with someone who completely understood where we were coming from as she has difficult children herself. She is putting together some information on resources for us in regards to some in home therapies and mentoring programs for difficult child. We have thought seriously about the possiblity that if behaviors continue to escalate we may have to go the route of Residential Treatment Center (RTC), but would LOVE it if we could achieve and maintain some kind of balance and progress at home if we can. So I have my fingers crossed and we're ready to fight for our little difficult child. However, if things don't improve the family navigator was going to be getting us some resource info in regards to resedential options as well. Prior to this hospitalization our difficult child started with a new psychiatrist whom SO and I absolutely love and respect. She is on the same page with us on what we think our core issues are and difficult child is finally trying medications for such. Since starting the mood stabalizer (first tegretol, switched to depakote) we have seen a decrease in the number of mood swings during the day (used to be minute to minute, 50 times a day) but when difficult child does still swing he's swinging hard so its hard to see the progress in the pain kind of. He's also taking Seroquel (25mg bid, and 200mg at bedtime) since adding the two daytime doses I think we've finally seen him slow down a little bit which is a godsend! Anyways, thats a little update on us and wish us luck tonight and over the next few days as we try to stabalize and reintegrate difficult child back home and out of the hospital. Thanks for all your support!


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Well done! I'm really glad that you've got an understanding support system (since the family navigator has a difficult child as well!) helping you through the process.

Great news - rattling beads and wishing good vibes floating in your direction!



Here we go again!
Sounds like things are be turning around! I hope you're able to manage things at home. It's great though that you've got a backup support resource in case it doesn't go as smoothly as you'd hoped.