difficult child II in hospital (only took 3 times at ER)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by amazeofgrace, Apr 16, 2008.

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    :faint:Tuesday was a bad bad day. I had to call 911 on difficult child II (11). He was raging and literally jumped from the top of the steps and landed on my head, had me by the hair and was just punching me. difficult child I got him off and got a nasty bite on his leg from doing so. When difficult child II lunged for the knife block I knew it was time to call. It scared me and even scared difficult child I. After 3 officers had finally calmed him down, We went to ER (again) at 5PM yesterday, he was fine for the most part while we were there (again), and he was finally transorted to a facility an hour away at 12 noon today. I am running on 3 hours of sleep, and I am fried. I refused to send him to the hospital they had him in last year, and yesterday they were the only one's with an open bed (how ironic). So I opted to be "difficult", and although he's an hour away, he's in a better program. The hospital he is in is a full hospital and the walls are painted with children's murals vs. black chipped paint and vulger writtings. There is Art Therapy, Music Therapy, educational presentations etc. vs sitting on ripped couches watching MTV all day. I am still worried for his safety, it's a ward for 5 - 17 yo's, which seems to be the case with every program in NJ, sigh...........but difficult child II couldn't wait to be there, it is more tramatic for me then him. I could keep going on but I need sleep.

    Nite all IANAV:bloodshot:
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    {{{Hugs}}} for your aching and exhausted heart. I hope the program helps GfgII, good for you for advocating for your son.
  3. Fran

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    Rest well. It sounds like you have been through a terrible time.
  4. Sheila

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    Very volitile situation. So glad you were able to get him into the right hospital.

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    Get some sleep- it sounds like everyone needs a break and a disruption of what has been happening.... I'm working on finding that for us!! I'd love to know how you got him to be so compliant about it.

    It will be ok!!
  6. Big Bad Kitty

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    Oh sweetie. I am just now playing catch-up with your situation.

    Get some rest, you poor thing. Take real good care of yourself.
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    It sounds like he is in a good place. Please keep us posted on how all of you are doing. I will send good thoughts to both you and difficult child I and II.
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    Well Hon, I just checked in after a bit of a violent night myself...
    I agree with the others, get some rest. At least he is safe as well as you and GFGI.
    Hugs to your hurting heart.
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    Glad to hear you're safe (really can't okay, now can we?) and difficult child II is getting some help at a good place. Time for me to get some sleep too. Let's pray tomorrow is a more peaceful one. Night night everyone.
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    saw difficult child II in hospital today, met with SW and Psychiatrist. They're upping the abilify to 7mg three times a day. And will be starting him on Clonopone? Hope I got that right, it is for "impulse control". difficult child II was not happy to see me and gave an attitude and said it was my fault he was there and his Dad was in rehab, because I am snitch who calls the cops on her family. And if I just let Dad keep practiving his coping skill (aka drinking) everything would be fine, and he would be fine. At least the mood swings are evident for all to see.