difficult child II is being released 2morrow -he seems worse


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Speaking of yo yo's. I also have to stay away from the stores, I am buying things left and right for difficult child II, which is terrible because when he is with me I always emphasize not buying him things, and I am buying things that if he were with me he'd be throwing a fit for me to buy them for him, oh gosh I am mental aren't I???

I guess that's better than me...I keep buying things for myself...or obsessing about things I WANT to buy for myself. If anyone's the mental case it's ME! LMAO!

Sara PA

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His dose of Abilify is 5mgs higher than the highest recommended dose. TD is a common side effect to antipsychotics, far less common to anticonvulsants. TD tends to develop over time as the drug builds up in the system. I would be looking more to the Abilify than the Depakote. It may be a coincidence that you noticed the ticcing since the Depakote; he may have been doing it for a while but you didn't notice until you were away from him for a few days or the Depakote may have contributed to the Abilify, but I wouldn't overlook the Abilify being the culprit.


thank you yesterday they decided to remove Depakote all together he's being weaned off and will be off by 2morrow (awful fast is you ask me) and they're putting him on Visteril for anxiety, I will press about the abilify

sameold sameold

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My son developed TD from Abilify, we had to stop the medication and luckily enough his movements stopped. Sometimes they can be a permanent side effect. Good luck