difficult child II is starting to go again

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    and he was doing so well for awhile there. He started the Lithobid about a month and 1/2 ago. He was doing fine on the 300 mg now he's been upped to 600 mg and he's been horrible. Nasty and explosive. He just shoved my Dad about 15 minutes ago. Of course my parents do not get the whole "give him his space so he can de-escalate thing"

    now he's n my bed saying he misses his Dad and hates Pop (my Dad).

    Sigh..............I go to court this Friday for my default Divorce hearing, this is just the added stress I need.....not.....
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    Oh, I'm sorry.

    Are you going to call the psychiatric and change the dosage? It's definitely worth a phonecall!

    On the plus side, a no-fault* divorce is usually faster, and you'll get the whole thing over with. I'm hoping you get a lot of sleep the night before court and wake up clearheaded and alert.

    Is your difficult child at all remorseful? Or only totally blaming his grandfather?


    *Is default divorce the same thing as no-fault? Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.
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    I am doing a no-fault even though S2BX could be proved "at fault". But S2BX never answered the charges, so lawyer filed a default request and I go and walk out with what ever I want and divorced (not that I will get what I want from S2BX but the court will order it regardless)

    ***I am taking difficult child II for a blood draw 2morrow to check his levels. He is not normally remorseful right away. We'll see, my Dad is also good at holding a grudge, such a good role model
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    Is he getting blood tests under psychiatrists direction and with psychiatrist checking levels? I doubt the dosage of lithobid is high enough yet, but this needs to be carefully monitored. I'd suggest contacting psychiatrist. My son is 14yo. He was on a dose of 900mg/day until a few mos ago, then it was raised to 1200. The fact that it seemed to be doing well then stopped and that he was titrating up leads me to think that it's worth going up on before trading it in for something else.
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    Well, good luck with-the results of the blood draw ... and reconciling your dad and difficult child.