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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by AnnMarieTN, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Yesterday at school, a teacher noticed that difficult child had written on a paper that he didn't want to live anymore. He had drawn a picture of himself shooting himself in the head.

    They called a mobile crisis unit and I had to be at the school to give them permission to talk to difficult child.

    While in the office area, he became agitated and was scratching himself and hitting himself in the head and the legs and trying to pull his hair out.

    The Crisis person recommended admitting him to the local treatment center hospital. She felt like difficult child might be Bipolar. They are going to evaluate him and start him on medication.
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    ((( )))) I am glad he is safe in the hospital. My daughter is 15 and in acute stages of bipolar, plus there are substance abuse issues and CD. She entered hospital Feb.3 and Residential Treatment Center (RTC) Feb.9 Compassion
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    I am sorry to hear your son is suffering. It must be very difficult for you to see your son so upset. I hope the hospital stay and aftercare will be helpful to him and ease some of his distress.
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    Oh I am so sorry.

    My son was recently diagnosis with BiPolar and is doing well on medication..it is always a shock

    I hope things improve for all of you
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    How scary for both of you! I'm glad the teacher was paying attention and cared enough to speak up on difficult child's behalf! Hopefully he will get a thorough evaluation and begin treatment to stabilize him. Hugs to you, mom, and keep us posted!
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    Well, the case manager just called. They want to transfer him on Monday to an intensive outpatient program. He will go there 3 hours a day for 5 days a week for approximately 6-8 weeks.

    So, we'll see how the weekend goes. Visitation is tomorrow 1:30-3:00.
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    Hey AnnMarie, I'm sorry that you are going through such a rough time but I am glad that the teacher was paying attention to your son's drawing. I'm sure its not easy on you but it must be a little bit of a relief to know he's safe. My son recently spent time in a psychiatric hospital and he came out doing better than he was before he went in. This outpatient program sounds like it might be a really good thing for him. They'll be able to really try and pinpoint what is going on with him and hopefully they'll give you lots of feedback. If not, definitely call and ask for it. I called every nurse, social worker, and doctor who saw my son. They all knew my voice, lol. Good luck to you and please keep us updated. You, your difficult child, and your family are in my prayers. ((Hugs))
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    I am so sorry to hear that you and your family are going through this crisis right now. But Thank Goodness for that teacher!! It's really a blessing that she noticed that drawing. Now your son can get some help...


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    I am so sorry. Poor guy! I am glad that the school responded appropriately. I know this is hard and your mommy heart is hurting but he is safe and getting the help he needs. Get some rest while he is gone.

    Good luck with the visit. Keep us posted.