difficult child in psychiatric hospital, moving to therapeutic foster care tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by llamafarm, Jun 12, 2012.

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    difficult child has been in psychiatric hospital for 11 days now. He moves on to a therapeutic foster home starting tomorrow. First time in foster care, he is on 30 day temporary custody. In the meantime we are getting intensive home therapy set up for him so we can slowly work him back into our house. He couldn't come back here because everyone involved knew he would come home and continue to be aggressive toward me. Programs needed to be put in place before he could come back into our house. I can logically understand what is happening, it is the feeling about it I have trouble with. He has adjusted fine to the psychiatric hospital, he only gets upset when I am there. He was very tough with the news today about the move. He knew it was coming we just didn't know when. We made the visit short and made it out of there without his having any tears. I just can't imagine being in his place, but then, I would never act like he would. I just don't think like he does, no one in the family does. The aspergers is really showing itself as we watch him cope with all that is going on in the hospital and with the feelings he is having. It is just very hard.
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    I'm sorry he is aggressive towards you. I hope he learns fast what behavior is unacceptable.
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    So sorry. What types of in home therapy are they arranging? Must be so sad.....big hugs.
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    Many, many hugs, Llamafarm. It would not surprise me to be in your shoes someday.
    Fingers crossed for a calm, stable homecoming.
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    Do you have therapy for yourself? To work through all your feelings? You worded it so well. If no therapy is available to you, I hope you and husband are able to communicate and share with one another.
    Sending some hugs and support.
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    (((HUGS)))) (((((HUGS)))) and more ((((HUGS))))

    I can only imagine the difficulty. Sending support and prayers that some therapies work.
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    I am glad he is finally getting the help he needs and that there are going to be services in place for when he eventually comes home. I can understand the feelings. I would be terrified if I had to suffer the level and frequency of aggression you've had to deal with. I also hope you are getting therapy for yourself. You're doing the best you can with what you have and there is no shame in that. Just keep in mind that, hopefully, in the long-run this will have helped.

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    I know how hard this can be. We had a therapist for my difficult child#1 after the first hospitalization who mentioned level 2 therapeutic foster care and level 3 group home and I could NOT understand WHY she would bring that up - - it just made no sense!! However now my daughter is in Level 4 PRTF... I believe God closes one door and opens another - and we do have to trust the way His plans unfold.... I hope your son gets all that he needs - - in home intensive can be very good - - it certainly is convenient to have someone come to the house. God bless all of you.

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    Bio son 2/15/75-8/12/04
    difficult child#1 - daughter age 13 1/2 in PRTF (mood disorder, not otherwise specified; possibly BiPolar; possibly Borderline Personality Disorder; LIKELY Post Concussion Syndrome; born cocaine exposed, etc)
    difficult child#2 - daughter age 9 1/2 no problems and at home (she was found home alone at 5 and 1/2 months of age and removed from care of bio mom who had some minimal known history of mental instability; domestic violence, etc.)