difficult child is at it again!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. StressedM0mma

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    Things have been going beyond great, and then we imploded this morning. difficult child reverted back to where she was a year ago. I swear it is because the school psychologist called to check in to see how she has been doing, and had thought of an alternative school that difficult child could attend. It was the curse. She was in full blown gfgness. Blaming me that things were going poorly, and that I always blame everyone else for things that happen.(projecting maybe?) So, after I quite literally drag her down the stairs and force her into the car, I call school to let them know what is going on. Get to a stop sign, opens the door and starts to get out. I pulled her back in, and we get to the school, and as I start to pull in, she yanks the steering wheel. Get to the building she is refusing to get out. Guidance comes out, and she still refuses. She threatens to run away when we leave to go to our holiday party tonight. So I tell her fine, I will stay home and send your dad. So she says fine I will kill myself tonight when you are asleep. Ok fine, I will sleep in your room. (the funny thing is, this whole fight started because she said I never leave her alone) So, you make threats that give you NO opportunity to ever be alone.
    Guidance took her into school, and they called later and said she had settled some, and that they were trying to get her to class. I just wish I could get into her head. I cannot figure this out. She has been doing great. She has even been getting to school early lately. And, we only have 3 more days until break. UGH! This kid has me beyond stressed!!
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    It might just be because it IS "only three more days". She needed the break to start yesterday... been there done that.
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    With only 3 more day before the break starts, does she have alot of tests coming up? I know my difficult child was telling me that he seems to have alot of tests scheduled for next week because the teachers want to get them in before the break starts. Could she be stressed about that? Not that I'm trying to make excuses for her, but that might be why she is suddenly all ramped up.

    I hope she's in a better mood when she gets home.
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    Oh I was so hoping things were turning. Hopefully this is just pms or something, a blip.
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    Well, she was still in major difficult child form when she got home, but it seemed to settle some. She said she was still really upset about having to jump off of her horse last night twice while she was jumping her. She was scared because the sand in the outdoor arena was really wet, and she was afraid her horse would fall. difficult child was sobbing after the last jump, and I thought we had talked through it, but I guess not. She seems to think that she should not be scared at all. I tried to talk to her about how fear is a good thing, and that it can make her a better rider, and more, but difficult child sees it as weakness.
    But, now that I have heard of what happened in CT today, I feel quite ridiculous complaining about our day. Even when I want to throw my hands in the air and scream "I quit" I know that I am blessed that I can put my arms around her (when she will let me touch her) and give her a hug, and tell her I love her.
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    Well it does put things into some perspective, but I think it also reinforces why this site is so important. Finding ways to help our g'sfg and getting perspective from others as well as sharing ideas about how to get help. I have to wonder how much that poor mom went through.

    I think what your difficult child was still perseverating on is interesting. Many times q has hard days when he is really thrown by something that happened long before.
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    Ay,yai yi!
    What a mess.
    You are doing the right thing. She has a long way to go, and I agree with-Buddy that she is still stuck/perseverating and it's so hard for these kids to break that pattern.
    Many hugs.
    by the way, I understand what you mean about CT, but you are in the thick of it and that's what we parents are here for. CT doesn't make our issues any less real.
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    Thanks everyone. I am calling the therapist that I tried to get an appointment. with earlier in Nov. She is definitely still stuck. She has never developed the skills to handle alot of day to day life. I am hoping that she will like this t-doctor, and will actually work at it. It is just so frustrating. I am really hoping that since easy child is home now, that things will settle a little. difficult child LOVES her sister, and wants to spend time with her. And, difficult child knows that easy child will not put up with that kind of behavior. easy child calls her out on all of it, and difficult child will actually listen to what she has to say. So, hopefully things for the rest of the year. Three more school days.