difficult child is being released from psychiatric hospital!!!!

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    difficult child will be released this Fri from the psychiatric hospital. It was been 3 weeks and he has made quite a bit of progress. The novelty of being there has worn off and when we had to leave him this am, he started to get upset (not angry, but sad). My difficult child has never been sad a moment in his life. For the first time EVER husband and I saw an emotion other than anger come across his face. In the 4 years we have been dealing with this I honestly have never seen another emotion cross his face. My heart broke for him, but he held himself together. I was proud of him. Everyone there from the adies, to the nurses to the doctors have seen progress. He will be able to start school on time, which is next week. We can't wait for him to come home...he's just a little guy, only 6, but he has gone through this like a trooper.

    On this new protocol he his finally calm, no more manic running around flitting from this to that to this. He is not sedated calm, but I think his head has finally slowed and he can focus more, which is amazing.

    psychiatric hospital psychiatrist talked with-our psychiatrist who wanted to take him off the Seroquel and place him back on Abilify. husband and I said NO. The Abilify did not help as well as the Seroquel seems to, but I said I need to be with difficult child 24/7 in order to dictate that change, but as of now Serquel is working and I'm not ripping him off this one to back track!

    So the releasing diagnosis is ADHD (severe) - mood disorder not otherwise specified. That is what I expected since they say at his age they really can't diagnosis Bipolar. They went in there with ADHD and rule out (rule out) bipolar. They said they can't rule it out yet - so we get the mood not otherwise specified.

    I'm satisfied. and HAPPY he'll be home!
  2. What a trooper! This is wonderful! I hope you have continued progress with difficult child and he has a wonderful start to the new school year.


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    Ohh, he sounds so sweet. I know it must have been a watershed to see that look on his face.
    I agree, don't change the medications. He's doing well. Keep at it.
    Good luck with-school. I've got my fingers crossed.
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    Now you need to call the school to set up an IEP meeting and talk to his teacher ASAP. With the right interventions (including the right medications - good job standing up and keeping him on the medication that helps!) he will do awesome things!
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    Thank you Susiestar. difficult child already has an IEP in place We had one last year and finalized his one for this year in June. difficult child will have a one on one para again, he has movement breaks and a functional behavioral assessment was done at the end of last school year, so he also has a behavior plan in place. I went so far this past summer to request a para accompany him to daycare and the SD gave me that too. They are wonderful and supportive and very accomodating.
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    psychiatric hospital just called and insurance wants him to be out tomorrow. psychiatric hospital is still trying to get the level right on the Pamelor. They were going to do bloodwork tomorrow. So they will do it and we can pick him up. He will be so happy!
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    Great update!