difficult child is doing better, I am a bit apprehensive but hopeful.

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  1. My difficult child has been in rehab for ten days now and is doing much better. I am still shaking my head about what transpired in court the day difficult child was released so i will recap that because i still can't believe it. When we got the letter for admission to the rehab centre, his lawyer and i went to the po and he accepted that difficult child could go to the place which is a few miles from home. The next day at 2.00 pm difficult child was brought before the judge. He was furious because he felt that he was being forced to go to the rehab centre while in his mind he didn't think he had a problem with marijuana. So the judge asked him, "Do you want to go to this place?" difficult child - I don't care because i know i am not addicted. Judge -" do you want to go back to jail?" difficult child - whatever you say i really don't care. At that moment the da who had tried difficult child interjected and said that he had really tried to help difficult child and didn't want him going to jail and that's why he had continued the case because he thought difficult child had a lot of potential, but the young man standing before the judge at that moment was totally different from the young men who was in court when his case was going on. The judge then asked me what i thought, so i told him not to listen to difficult child because he was being stupid and he didn't even know what he was saying. I told him i thought difficult child was acting out because marijuana had changed his way of thinking and therefore it would be helpful if he went to rehab for a while to clear his head and address his problem. It was very comical if not sad because everybody even the clerk and court security were looking at difficult child talking back to the judge arrogantly as if he had lost his mind. Later when we went home, we had a very long talk and difficult child was very remorseful and explained to me he was very angry at the whole thing because he had been told in jail that most pos don't violate people the first time and furthermore he didn't think the po had a right to force him into rehab - i didn't mention that was my doing, infact the po would have let him go home and forced him to do weekly drug tests instead but i had told him difficult child needed to go for treatment first. I took him to rehab the following day.

    The rehab is like a recovery half way kind of place. It's not as structured as i would have wanted for difficult child but it seems to be working fine for him. Kids go to several meetings in house and outside and there is counselling once a week. The first two days were difficulty for difficult child and he didn't wan't to be there. To make matters worse he told me he was the only one with marijuana problem and all the other kids were recovering from hard drugs and therefore he felt like he didn't belong there. Luckily, one of the staff member goes to our church and has been very helpful in encouraging difficult child to give it more time and see what happens. Furthermore, he knows if he leaves before he is released the po might decide to let him go back to prison.

    So far, he is adjusting well and his drug tests have been clean. The staff member from church working there has been telling me how some of the kids have started looking up to difficult child as a good influence. His way of talking and thinking has changed and i have noticed a lot of difference. He made plans and got permission to go out to church today with a few other kids and i picked them up and dropped them back right after and difficult child didn't even ask whether he could passby the house. I am hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed for a complete change.
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    I'm hoping your difficult child has turned a corner, it does sound promising. I will keep you both in my prayers. Sending you supportive hugs and warm wishes for peace of mind for you and recovery and healing for difficult child.
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    That really does sound hopeful but realistic. I'm also hopeful that marijuana dependence/addiction will be recognized by itself to be serious enough in some people to justify rehab. Thanks for posting - stay positive!
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    (((HUGS))) the place my daughter is at is structured exactly the same way. She has been there since last Tuesday. We can support eachother while our difficult children are in recovery. :)

    Since the place is not secure, can he check himself out?
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    Thank you for the update. He is still there...that is a huge positive. The fact that others are looking up to him is a positive. I'm crossing my fingers right along with you.