difficult child is doing so much better and I'm so relieved!


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difficult child has made great strides in the last month. First of all she has made it to school on time and and hasn't missed a single day for a whole month! I can't believe it. For four straight weeks she has actually gotten herself up and ready by herself while easy child and I have been at work/school. She has made it on the bus and to school each and every day. She hasn't been to school a month straight since middle school two years ago. Heck, she hasn't been to school even two weeks in a row since middle school. I am so happy and so proud of her.

She is also doing well in most of her classes. A couple of weeks ago she did a power point presentation in front of her entire English class. This is huge for difficult child to accomplish. Her teacher reports that she did an outstanding job. Not only is she doing well at school, but she is also doing better at home. Her attitude has improved. She still gets a little mouthy from time to time but no major melt downs. She is also washing her hair and keeping up with her hygiene.

For month she was going around with oily hair and looking terrible but lately she's been getting up extra early and washing her hair on her own. I havent' had to nag her one bit! This gives me hope for the future. Perhaps she will be able to live independently on her own some day and take care of her own needs by herself. I may be getting ahead of myself here, but I'm much more optimistic about her future than I have ever been. Go difficult child!


Thats great news! Im so happy she is doing well, and she has the strength to be ok in the future! Shes showing that :) I bet she is proud of herself too!