difficult child is getting a little brother or sister...

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    Any suggestions on what I can do to ease difficult child into being a big brother for the first time? He will be 8 by the time the baby gets here. His current diagnosis is speech delayed, ADHD, anxiety disorder, and depression, and we were told to monitor for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). He has BIG impulse control issues. His medication (Focalin XR and prozac) seem to help him a lot. He is very excited about the baby (right now!) but I can see all that changing once reality hits. Any suggestions??
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    Congrats! My only suggestion is not to do or say too much. As it gets closer to time for the arrival there will be, of course, changes going on in your home and it will be obvious that the reality is just around the corner. Meanwhile I'd just let him enjoy being the baby of the family and not worrying about "sharing" you before he has to. Hugs DDD
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    I with DDD's advice - and also, congrats.

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    You may wish to enroll difficult child in an older sibling class at your local hospital as delivery gets closer. Maybe have a few little gifts on hand to share when the baby comes home: "world's greatest big brother" t-shirt, a special toy. Then, do your uttermost to put aside an hour or two of dedicated difficult child time every week.
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    TiredMommy gave a great suggestion with the older sibling class. I don't have any advice but wanted to offer congrats!