difficult child is having a bad day


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But, I am not letting it get to me.

I got a call from the school today (can you say PTSD?!?!) and he started out by telling me he had difficult child in his office. I just closed my eyes and tried to maintain an even heartbeat.
He said, "difficult child and another student were in an altercation today." YUCK! He called her a name she threatened if he did it again, he pushed, she hit, etc., etc., etc.

He went on to talk about suspension and how he REALLY likes my child and knows she is really a good kid, but he had to punish her. He said it was not a REAL fight, but a scuffle :confused:
So, instead of the normal 5 days out of school suspension - she is getting 5 days in school suspension. difficult child said she could use the time to catch up on school work :slap: Why the heck is she behind in school work you ask? Well, because she is almost failing every class. More on that later.

Anyway, so here is my difficult child working through her punishment with the principal. They agreed upon it. After he was done speaking (barely with a breathe and me not saying a word) I asked him if she was hurt at all. He said she was fine.
I told him sounds like they have it figured out and what did he need from me? He wanted to let me know what was going on. I told him thanks for keeping me informed and we hung up. I feel no stress. It is amazing. Do I hate that my difficult child was involved in a 'scuffle' - yup - but it is her choice and she will pay in some way, I think.

Back to grades, this is unbelieveable, too. My difficult child has less than a 70 in every class except English where she has a 100%. Go figure. Only my difficult child could accomplish this one.

Thanks for listening!



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Well you seem to be handling the chaos better anyway. Sorry yur difficult child isn't doing well. Hopefully she will catch up on her work and begin to think about where she is heading while on suspension. -RM


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Ahh, the lovely "scuffle" :rolleyes: *sigh*

I give you kudos for keeping yourself together and calm. I totally freak out, yes, I understand PTSD. My guts still get sick when I see the school phone numbers come up on my phone, and it's usually nothing.

I hate to say "if he started it"....but he pushed her first? A guy? A teenage guy? In her defense, I'd have been livid. Yeah yeah, go tell a teacher, walk away, yeah - but man, I don't know if I coulda when I was her age.

Stupid boys :nonono:

Glad you don't feel stressed. Maybe you could send me some notes on how to stay calm? LOL!


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Good for you! :bravo: That level of detachment is a testament! :smile:

I'm glad that difficult child is taking the time to work out a plan with the principal.

I hope difficult child has a better day tomorrow; if not, I hope school knows you don't need the blow by blow report. :rofl:

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Wow-I'm going to take lessons from you in detachment-way to go! I hope difficult child gets back on track soon.



I'm sorry difficult child isn't doing well in school.

I think a 5 day ISS is a bit much for a scuffle. However, it was good not to get involved. I ALSO think ISS is reinforcing to some kids because they are in a structured environment, and if motivated to "catch up," it's a great place to do it. Also, difficult child does not have to go to class. In this situation, I'm not sure it isn't a reinforcer.

Sigh....the only ISS easy child ever had (for smoking on school property) she had to go to Saturday school where she did the whole weekend's worth of homework by 11 AM and left feeling she had a good weekend ahead of her. All I said was--get up every Saturday at 7:00 AM and you can preserve the feeling.

She still smokes much to my distress.



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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> ....and was the young gent similarly consequenced, hmmmmm?

back when he was in HS jarrod got in a scuffle with-a friend....they were rally horsing around & it got out of hand. both boys were given a detention (had to help the janitor clean the school for a few hours lol). VP called. i was annoyed at jarrod but more at VP because detention took place on my b/day ~~~ how's that for ego centric :smile:?? anyway i found myself reminding myself that what happens at school stays at school. yes, detachment.

i agree with-martie that five days is excessive. on the other hand if it helps difficult child get her work caught up it's a good thing.

</span> </span> </span>

I'm IMPRESSED!!! Way To Go!!! :bravo: :smile:... I think lots of us can learn a lesson from reading this. You're right - it's difficult child's problem, not yours... It's great that you don't let things like this get to you!!!

I understand the grades thing too - difficult child 1 gets straight A's in subjects he is interested in. If he isn't interested in it, then he could care less. For instance, he currently has a 62 in french class :hammer:. I can hardly wait to see his grade at the end of the semester :rofl: :hammer:!!! I think, thanks to my difficult children, I now have a very warped sense of humor. WFEN