difficult child is having major issues

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Mar 7, 2013.

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    And refusing to see any of it. She has a therapist appointment tonight, and she is saying she is not going. That she does not need it! From the child that couldn't get out of the car on Monday to go to school. But that was my fault. She also said she doesn't need any of her medications. She is fine with out it.

    This is the first time she has refused medications. And Guess what I found out, she is talking face timing something with some unknown boy/man in Florida that she met on a "support site" And she is refusing to give me the name of the site because it is "private" husband explained to her if she found it, it isn't that private. Until this all came about we were doing really well. I just told husband I am not doing this again. I refuse to live like this
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    Bye bye wi fi.

    I'm terribly sorry. That's frightening. I hope she goes to therapist.

    Hugs.....many many hugs.
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    I'm so sorry. I take it that she's using Face Time on her IPhone? Can you take her phone away or take the phone from her and block that person from contacting her? If you have Apple store near you they may be able to help you with that.
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    Oh yeah, bye bye FaceTime! Is it an iPhone or iPod? Definite HUGE red flags there! We banned FaceTime from our home before difficult child even had a chance to get in trouble with it - she would walk around basically giving whomever she was FaceTiming with a live view of everything going on in our home, which husband and I were NOT ok with!
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    Are you sure there isn't more going in terms of MI than just depression?
    The whole "I don't need medications" cycle...
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    Cant remember the exact name of it but I think it was McGruff or something like that. Anyway it was a program that would record keystrokes. We could read everything she sent and received.

    Take the Face Time.
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    Already gone. Told her in front of the counselor (which she went in) that medications were not being discussed until summer, and if she wanted to talk about weaning off of the buspar and cutting back on the celexa and or concerta we would consider it, but that the abilify was non negotiable. But, her therapist told her that if she couldn't go to school on Mon. that shows that she is not as well off as she would like to believe. Gotta love the teenage years. difficult child tried to pull the "you used to hit me" Had to explain to therapist that when she would rage we would have to restrain her and it did get violent at times.
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    Glad she went in. Sounds like you did a good job!

    Have a good day....
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    Thanks Buddy. She went in, and said I am not going to talk. Last about 30 seconds once I started talking. Haha. She is at school right now, but I am waiting for a return text. She wasn't feeling well yesterday, and said she felt "throwuppy" today. And that is a HUGE anxiety trigger for her.(But she is just fine and doesn't need any therapy)
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    Right, just fine. You need a private vacation!
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    I'm glad that the therapist pointed out to her that if she is unable to walk into the school without having someone come out and get her that she is not doing as well as she wants to believe. I don't know how your difficult child is, but I can say something until I'm blue in the face and it means nothing (typical teen, I know). Have someone else say it, like a doctor or the therapist and he's much more willing to listen. Maybe hearing it from him will strike a cord with her. I hope so, anyway