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    After I kicked out difficult child 2 last week, he ended up back at his mom's. Last night, right after they got home, difficult child 2 attacked his younger brother (difficult child's age, difficult child 2 is 18) and pummeled him. Mom pulled difficult child 2 off, difficult child 2 wrestled away and kept going after his brother. His mom did not call the police. I would have. Younger brother has an ugly bruise just below his left eye. Mom and her boyfriend are fighting because boyfriend said difficult child 2 has to go no matter what. I agree. Mom doesn't seem to be able to kick difficult child 2 out because he has nowhere to go (I told her there are shelters).

    difficult child called me sobbing. I could barely understand her and had to have her repeat herself several times. She was very scared and upset - by the attack and the subsequent screaming going on by about everyone. And difficult child really likes (or did) difficult child 2. She has referred to him as her brother.

    When I got there to pick up difficult child, difficult child 2 came over and said hello. He wouldn't speak to me before because he was angry I kicked him out, but his girlfriend was with him so he had to make a good impression. Either that or he was thinking he might get to come stay here again. I just looked at him and walked into the house. The only thing I feel for that kid right now is anger.

    difficult child seems to be ok. She is very upset and thinks that difficult child 2 needs to go, as well. She said she is not going back if difficult child 2 is there, and I agree. So, I imagine today we will get the rest of her things. She just brought enough to get through last night and today. She just wanted to come home.
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    He sure is digging his hole, huh? Glad you could give difficult child a break from him.
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    I just wonder how long it will take him to hit bottom. Poor difficult child, all that anger is no good. Hope all is good at home.