difficult child is in the sober house.

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Mar 31, 2011.

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    She is there! We were suppose to be there at 11 but she woke this morning with swollen glands and a bad sore throat so they wanted me to get her a throat culture first. After dr visit and run to the drug store for antibiotics we arrived at about 1 pm.

    I am very impressed with this place. It is in the inner cit, not far from where I grew up actually. It's right next door to a church and they do a lot of volunteer work there feeding the homeless and other things. The resident director is a woman in her late 20's that went to the same high school as difficult child. She was very nice and said she felt that from her interview with difficult child that she would fit in very nicely and do very well in their program.

    Their program is two phases. The first phase lasts three months. She is on restriction for two weeks, no calls or visits. She will have chores and responsibilities in the house and have to attend all inside meetings and an outside meeting every day. After two weeks she can make calls from their pay phone and on Sundays we can pick her up from 12-5. No visitors are allowed in the home, no men are allowed at all. Even the rides she gets to the AA meetings must be from other women in the program.

    Phase two goes anywhere from another three months to two years. The staff will decide how she progresses. Their goal is to teach them how to live a sober life and provide for themselves. We have to pay $400 a month rent for her but as soon as she gets a job they will no longer take money from us and it is her responsibility to pay her own way.

    The other women in the house seemed very nice. The director made her take her tongue ring out and said the women in the home act like ladies. Then the director introduced her to her buddy and walked me out.

    I feel so much more comfortable having seen the place and meeting some of the residents. On the way there we had a talk about how this is her fight and we can;t do it for her and will support her as long as she is working the program. She said she is committed to doing whatever is necessary to make this work. Of course the rest is up to her and she has to prove she means what she says.

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    I'm glad that she has this opportunity... I truly truly hope she uses it to her advantage, and cleans up her act.

    MANY, MANY hugs for you... You are a true Warrior Mom!
  3. ThreeShadows

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    Nancy, praying for you and difficult child. What a struggle for your family.
  4. DDD

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    What a wonderful opportunity she has. I'm happy the facility had an open bed and evidently open arms. Hugs. DDD
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    Fingers crossed, Nancy.
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    It's her road to walk now....for you, hang onto hope.
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    Well, Nancy - I'm glad she didn't bolt at the tongue ring thing. I think that was a good first test, and I really *hope* it means she's committed this time to following thru. It sounds like a good, realistic program. I have all body parts crossed that she finds the strength to tolerate the restrictions and structure.

    I hope you're taking good care of you. You are in my thoughts so often - I know this has been draining for you.
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    Nancy, I know you have to feel such relief that she's back in a safe environment. I know all too well that feeling of never knowing what condition they are in or what they are doing. Even when we detach and try not to get involved, the worry is always there.

    I'm crossing body parts that she sticks with this. It sounds like a terrific program.

    Sending good thoughts and mega hugs,