difficult child is off the wall today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by shellyd67, Aug 9, 2010.

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    WOWSY.... difficult child just finished with an hour long rage because he asked for McDonald"s and I said no. He freaked out saying, "I demand you take me to McD". He then went on to say I love easy child and hate him and that she gets everthing she wants (so far from the truth) I walked out back on the deck and he threw the door open and I asked him to close it and he refused. I went to close it and he pushed it back at the same time and slammed my hand in the door. Believe it or not I still kept my composure and let him rant and rave. I asked easy child to go upstairs (to get away from the drama) and he walked upstairs and said to her " Gosh, you are so fat and Jay(her BFF) hates you. First off, easy child is skinny as a rail and Jay loves her to death ! I then had enough and called her down and informed her he is just trying to upset you. She didn't let it bother her in the least. She handles difficult child so well. He is really trying my nerves today but I am proud of myself and easy child for just remaining calm. He has since calmed down and the rage is over ( I hope).... Usually after a rage he is calm and pleasant.... Let's hope for the best ....:(
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    Congratulations on a job well done!!!

    My difficult child will stay in my face while he rages so walking away doesn't usually do any good. I just stand there with a "Whatever - let me know when you are done" attitude - very calm, very relaxed.

    Your easy child does sound like a sweetheart. I hope difficult child thinks about his behavior today and apologizes. Mine usually does.
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    (hugs) to you today! If it's any consolation, my difficult child 1 was exactly like that at that age. He wanted the audience, and he would "up the ante" so to speak, during his rages. Sometimes, if he wasn't getting enough of a rise out of me, he'd purposely break my things - things he knew were important to me. I've had brooms and bats swung at me, and I've struggled through the worst negative persistence ever. BUT . . . I will say that when he got to be about 12 years old or so, we noticed a signiifcant decrease in his hyperactivity. And, better yet, with that decrease in hyperactivity came more compliance and less reactions to limit setting, etc. He is now almost 17, and I can honestly say, it's been easier parenting him as a teen than when he was in elementary school. Also, around the age of 12 (probably when hormones started kicking in), he started sleeping longer at night. He woke up more rested and agreeable. Maybe we were just lucky somehow. Don't get me wrong, he still has problems with impulsivity and stubborness, but it's so much better than it used to be.

    If your difficult child has a lot of "H" in the ADHD, you may find that when he gets older, this will subside somewhat, and that he'll have less of these negative behaviors. In the meantime, keep on keeping your cool.

    Hope you're able to find sometime for yourself today.

    Hugs again,

  4. Wiped Out

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    Sorry your day was so rough. Sounds like you did a good job of dealing with it. It also sounds like my difficult child. I can't tell you how many rages we've had over saying no to food-including McDonalds.
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    Thanks for the replies. Wearywoman your post gave me some hope that things may get better as he matures. He is calm as can be now. He is swimming at the neighbors. Amazing how they can go from hot to cold so quick.
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    Nice job keeping your cool. Good you came here to talk about it.

    Sorry your hand got slammed -- a small thing maybe, but make sure you take good care of it. Those little hurts add up. Put some ice or nice lotion on it.