difficult child is officially back at home - for a little while at least

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by SuZir, Jun 29, 2013.

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    All the stuff packed, carried to cars and taken to either ex-girlfriend, friends, red cross or driven here and carried to attic. Flat is cleaned spotless and people who helped fed. And we are back home. difficult child also changed his address officially here, for few weeks at least. Depending where he will go, for longer (we have to give our address to officials and we are always legally living in certain county and paying taxes and receiving public health care etc. from there. People can have also second address in other county and depending where difficult child ends up he will either officially move there or take it as a second address and officially stay a habitant here.)

    It's kind of odd, how his whole independent life only takes less than 100 sq ft of our attic. Luckily it is temporary. Well again depending where he ends up, he may not take much of that stuff with him when he leaves. One of his favourite options (if it works out) is abroad. Not far away, but far enough, that he would live in pre-furnished flat and only take personal items and some electronics. Things that would fit to car at one time.

    Move went fine and everyone tried to act civil. Okay, I felt little odd when helping to carry dining table, that I paid for nonetheless, to the flat ex-girlfriend moved to live with her new boyfriend (also an athlete, at least different sport and not difficult child's former team mate. He was difficult child's and girlfriend's common friend, and apparently girlfriend's friend long before difficult child and girlfriend met and during the spring they became little more than friends.) At least the new boyfriend had decency to have red ears when he saw me.

    I will not miss this girlfriend much. And even less the prospect of having to get along with her parents. But I wish her luck, she is a good girl nevertheless. I hope this new guy is more what she wants. difficult child really wasn't, but I do hope they both learned from the relationship and can look back to it with nostalgic fondness some day.
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    Glad the exit went well and hope you all enjoy this respite. :) DDD
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    Hope you all enjoy your family time before difficult child is with his next team.