difficult child is one step closer to the "big leagues"

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by mstang67chic, Mar 9, 2011.

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    husband called me at work this afternoon. The local jail called to let us know we needed to come pick up difficult child's belongings. He was transferred to the state's Reception/Diagnostic center today. This is where every state inmate is filtered through to determine their final placement. He should be there a week or two. However, during that time, he can't make calls or get mail so we'll have to wait to see where he goes. The plus side is that he has been assigned a doctor number and we can track him online with the number.

    And OMG. I picked up his stuff after work and there is quite the pile of "songs". I read two and put them back. Nasty.
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    I'm sorry, Stang. Hugs.
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    *HUGS* Thinking of you.
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    Let's just hope this is the wake up call he needs and that he uses his time to improve himself as best he can. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
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    (((hugs))) Stang

    Saying prayers he gets a good placement, and that it scares him right into being a easy child.

    Saying prayers for you too cuz I know this has got to be awfully hard.
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    Oh Beck...Im so sorry. I know you are acting tough but this is really breaking your heart. It is so not what we want for them. Hopefully this will be a life lesson and he will come out ready to turn it around.
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    Thinking of you (((((((((hugs)))))))))))
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    I don't know what to say, but I'm here!!!
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    I am so sorry. We feared that we might be in those shoes but thankfully it did not happen. The reception centers serve a good purpose. They weed out the most dangerous from the offenders who are not violent. The placements that we are aware of (sadly we know alot of kids who are in the prison system) have been behaviorally appropriate. I hope your son is assigned to a facility that helps him identify his issues and set new resolve for the future. Sending hugs. DDD
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    Thinking of you.. I know this must be extremely difficult. Hugs.
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    Well............they just need to put him back where he WAS. (INSERT WORSE WORDS THAN WAS IN THOSE SONGS) -----almost.

    It'll be okay Momma .........Hugs & Love -
    Me and Poo Poo say a bigGER prayer tonight.
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    He's a short timer so they may even keep him at the diagnostic center........ Other thing is they sometimes put them at the other end of the state to reduce chances of keeping the old ties alive...... Will mean a longer drive if you visit, but sometimes it's good to break those old ties.......... Hoping the time passes quickly and this isn't the beginning of the revolving door.
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    Truth be told, what usually happens is that they put them where ever they have room to put them and where ever there are appropriate programs to put them in to. Sometimes they will make an effort to transfer an established inmate closer to home or to an institution with a particular vocational program they want to enter if they request it, but the guys who are new to the system generally go where ever there is room for them. At the reception centers, each inmate is screened and given a security classification, anywhere from minimum security to maximum, and this has a lot to do with where they are permanently assigned. And each institution has a security classification, depending on what class of inmates they are equipped to handle. The institution where I worked was designated as "Close Security" (one notch down from Maximum Security), meaning that we could be sent any inmates from Trustees up to Close Security but not Maximum. If they became Maximum Security while they were there because of something they had done, we held them there until a slot opened up for them in one of the Maximum Security institutions. And each institution has only a certain number of slots for inmates in each security designation because of the available number of jobs to put them in. What jobs they can perform depends on their security classification. So there's a whole lot that goes in to it and unfortunately making visiting more convenient for the family is down at the very bottom of their priority list. If he's there any length of time, there's a possibility that he can request a transfer, but don't bet on it. And if his time is very short, there is also a good possibility that he will be kept at the reception center for the duration too. And we've had many that spent as long as a year at the reception center before they were ever permanently assigned to another institution. You just never know.