difficult child is out of jail!!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Oct 16, 2013.

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    Yay!! Finally after more than 2 months they got him a bed in a dual diagnosis program. We drove him there today. I was a little worried he would try to run but he didnt... he was very happy to be released and was very pleasant and cooperative on the ride there. We did stop for a coffee and got him some cigarettes but other than that he did not ask us to do anything... which in itself is unusual. I am very relieved and we will see how this goes. I hae a really good feeling about this place, it is very very structured and they handed us the rules etc. and things are very clearly laid out. Plus they have a family support group every week which we will plan to go to. So for today I am feeling hopeful again.

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    Wonderful news!

    So happy for you!
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    I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am for you and difficult child.
    Maybe blessings come in 3's. First Kathy's daughter getting a raise and continuing to win in her battles and now your difficult child getting a bed in a Dual diagnosis Facility after a long agonizing wait.
    So wonderful.

    Hugs and love to you,
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    Oh I am SO thrilled to come on here and read this!!! I am here hoping with you.... (((HUGS)))
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    I'm very glad to hear that TL. Is this place often used by the correction system? Keep us posted on how it goes.
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    That is wonderful news. Maybe we are having a good spell on the board for a change.

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    I'm so glad for you both, and very relieved. I wish him luck and every success in this program.
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    Great news!
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    Nancy this program is used a lot by drug court and apparently has a good success rate. I have read the rules and level system and it sounds pretty strict nd structured but also really good. I suspect he won't like the rules at first but it is the kind of program he needs I think and it is long term, 6 months or more! And we are not having to Oy for it either!
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    A good spell would be fantastic...we have needed one!! :)
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    I am so happy for you TL. Will light a candle for the good spell to continue!!
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    I hope and pray that he is ready to turn his life around and make a commitment to really work his program. I don't remember how much jail time he served if he was in jail before this, but maybe the 2 mos was enough to make an impact.

    Years ago when gfgbro crashed and burned, my parents refused to bail him out the second time (in 2 weeks). He sat in what he called the X County Betty Ford and sobered up. He then took a long, hard look at the people he was with. He realized that every single one had been in and out dozens of times over years nd even decades. He decided he did NOT want that to be his life. He also saw that as long as sub abuse played a part in his life, he would not ever have a life different than the men he was with.

    For some difficult children, this is what it takes. I truly hope and pray that your son has found the won't power to face his problems and work his program to recover from this illness. (i don't understand will power. Will is mostly how you get into trouble - I will eat this donut, I will have a beer. for me, won't power is the ticket.)
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    I hope so too. At one point when he was feeling discouraged in jail he made a comment like he would be in and out of jail. I was upset by this conversation

    During a later conversation I told him it seemed like he felt it was his destiny to be in and out of jail and that I didn't believe that! That he was a smart guy and it didn't need to be that way. I had the feeling he really heard me that day...so I am hoping he has had some major realizations. He certainly has had plenty of time to think.