difficult child is skating on thin ice....

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Dec 31, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    So we went to the parent support group meeting last night and found out our son has been defiant and disrespectful and is skating on thin ice. If he doesn't clean up his act or if he escalates he will lose his bed!!! Ugh I just don't want to go through this again for the millionth time... and we are leaving the country for a 3 week vacation in 10 days.

    I do like this place... they had a talk with him and are going to bring in his PO for a meeting!! If that doesn't scare him into compliance I don't know what will!!

    So then we went to see him last night and talked to him. He told us his level had been dropped, we said we knew and where was he at. He actually seemed good in many ways. He said he wanted to stay there. I said ok do you know what you need to do and he said yes. While we were sitting with him his counselor came over and told us that he had just talked to the director and told her that difficult child has really improved and so we could relax a bit, he was not in immediate danger of losing his bed.

    The thing is I know if he wants to our difficult child can do what he needs to do... he just has to do it. So here is praying he does it... and we don't get that dreaded country when we are away. We haven't decided what to tell him about our trip, if anything.

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    beads shaking, bones rolling, candle lighting, prayers being said
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    When I saw the subject TL I was afraid too open this. But it does sound like he at least acknowledges that he is in danger of losing his bed and he says he wants to fix it, that is big. I think last year or the year before you were going out of the country in the middle of a crisis too, with your daughter on a mission trip. It turned out OK so I hope it does now too. I don't know whether you should tell him either, tough call.

    Thinking of you and hoping real hard that he turns this around.
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    Actually that last trip out of the country was great until 2 days before we came home when we found out he walked out of the great program he was in! I am hoping that doesnt happen again!

    He did seem good and seemed to want to stay..... but a part of me knows that he could be fooling us all and making a plan to leave..... and if that is the case then there is nothing I can do about it!

    Everytime the phone rings my heart stops for a moment but hopefully when we see him on Monday things will be improved!


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