difficult child is trying to get kicked off the bus

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    It's been a long time since I posted a difficult child-related problem. We had been smoothly sailing along. That's over.

    Backstory: When difficult child was in kindergarten he got kicked out of the school and sent to a local school for special needs children. Since difficult child could not handle himself on the bus, a taxi was sent each day to take him to school and bring him home. The school district paid for it (I couldn't believe it but they did). On some occasions the taxis were all busy and he was brought to school in a limo!!!!!

    When difficult child got to high school he started riding the bus again and going to a local high school and for the most part has been fine on the bus. We had no issues Freshman Year, Sophomore Year or Junior Year. Nada. Zilch. No issues.

    The bus driver called the other day. difficult child has been purposely swearing on the bus trying to get kicked off and told his driver he wanted a taxi again. difficult child says the other kids have been bothering him. Both husband and I along with his school teacher and guidance counselor have told him it's a big "NO" on the taxi - he has to take the bus as he has been fine on the bus the last three years.

    difficult child got a detention for the swearing. His teacher and bus driver both said that he is NOT swearing at anybody in particular he just keeps repeating "F--- Off" to nobody in particular.

    difficult child is hearing impaired so his teacher suggested he take his "Y-cords" from school to plus into his hearing aids and ignore everyone on the bus.

    Any other suggestions?
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    in my opinion his IEP should be changed to include transportation. NObody should be picking on him on that bus or THOSE kids should be removed. The bus driver needs to be forced to take control of the kids he is driving. It isn't fun to know that people are making fun of you even if you can't hear it. I wouldn't be mad at my kid, I'd be angry that it's allowed to continue. Maybe the last three years nobody has picked on him when he was on the bus. I get pretty angry about bullies and the schools blaming the victim rather than the bullies.

    I wouldn't want to ride the bus either under those conditions.
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    Hi, So sorry your difficult child is having a rough ride on the bus. I agree with MidwestMom in that someone on the bus could be making it a stressful ride. Busses have cameras on them now and maybe the guidance counselor at school could review the tape and come up with a way to identify unnecessary stressors, ie a bully or noise level, etc. Hugs and prayers for you both!
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    Thanks. I guess I should have clarified that everyone (bus driver, bus aide, difficult child and difficult child's teacher) all agree that difficult child is NOT being bullied or harassed on the bus. He just says the other kids bother him but the other kids are not really doing anything other than making their own noises (much like autistic difficult child does).

    This kid just really wants a taxi to school. I don't know how to get him "un-stuck" from the idea of that.
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    How to "unstick" a kid on the spectrum?
    If you figure it out, let me know, will ya?