difficult child - kicked out of behavioral health program today

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by its getting late, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Tells them he will not stop doing drugs, takes over group time today and I'm informed he will not be allowed back to the part time program, that he needs full time care. Was in full time care and they wanted to release him after day one because "he didn't fit the criteria". Won't stay home, won't stay in school. tried to burn down my house. The courts judge last week say's he can't help us. How do I get difficult child into a full time plan that's voluntary if he won't agree? 9 months till he turns 18, we are a wreck...ideas?
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    Hello and welcome to our little corner of the CD board. I'm sorry that you had to find us but glad you did.

    From my experience, 17 is the worst possible age. Too old to make them do anything but not old enough to legally kick them out. Is he violent or abusive? If not, I guess you are at the point where you have to let him just start suffering the consequences of this actions. I also wouldn't give him any money at all or pay any bills for things like a cell phone or car insurance.

    If he is violent or abusive, that is another whole story. I would call the police each and every time he is abusive, threatening, or verbally abusive and press charges.

    One more thing . . . is he driving your car? If so, stop letting him use the car. You don't want to be legally liable if he has an accident while drunk or high.

    Others will come along with more support and advice. Things are a little slow since it is a holiday weekend. Hang in there and keep posting. We've been through this and will be here to listen and offer advice. Of course, as with any advice, take what helps and leave the rest.

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    Trying to burn the house down is pretty serious, even for a drug user. I'm wondering if you adopted him at an older age because that sounds like something that a young adult with attachment disorder would do. Did you ever call the police on him? That may have been one way to get help for him because at his age, you can't force him.
    Was he always a problem and does he have dangerous behaviors? I am thinking of the younger child who may need to be protected from him...and about you and your wife who need to know that your house will be safe and that he will not hurt any of you who live in it. Can you tell us more about him? Maybe we can help better if we know his history and his behaviors.