difficult child kind of straightened boss out


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difficult child said that his boss called him last night and told him he heard he was complaining to other staff about receiving a gift card and also asked him about a lot of bickering going on between staff. difficult child said he was honest with him and told him that staff are finding out they are being paid different rates for the same responsibilities and that he had been counting on the money he was promised to pay bills and that the gift card wasn't what he needed. I guess the boss raised him to $10.00 an hour. I'm glad difficult child said what he was thinking, even though manager pay, from what he was told is $11.00 an hour. I guess it's a start and hopefully he'll realize that difficult child isn't going to just let him get away with using him.


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Good, I'm glad he stood up for himself.It sounds like he said it in a mature manner. It's not easy for a kid to do that in a diplomatic way. My easy child kids get embarrasseed when I stand up for myself sometimes-they don't want to look "stupid". (I work hard for my money, they don't work for money so they don't know). Good for difficult child!-Alyssa


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I'm so glad he said something to him. This wasn't fair to difficult child to work so hard and not be paid. Good for him.

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I'm glad your son was brave enough to speak up. Kudos to him. And I hope his boss does not take any more advantage of him!