difficult child losing his grip

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by zoo_keeper, Oct 17, 2011.

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    My difficult child 1 is going downhill fast. I don’t know how much more I can take. Got a call from his principal on Friday saying he was out of control and being aggressive with staff. Get there and find him raging WAY beyond where he’s ever taken it at school. When I finally get him home he continued ranting and raving at the school all night until he eventually end up crying to sleep. Started off really angry saying things like “I’m gonna kill that kid, I hate mr. d (his behavior aide) and hope he slams into a tree on his way home, they’re gonna regret this, etc” to more and more scary things like “Every time you look at me you wish I wasn’t born, I should go live in the dump with the other trash so everyone can be happy, hopefully I’ll just stop breathing in my sleep.” All Saturday I watched him like a hawk but he still managed to instigate fights with just about everyone, cause a scene outside that had several of our new neighbors gawking and slam a door off its hinges. Saturday night he slept for maybe two hours and was a bear Sunday. A simple chore (bringing down his laundry) turned into a broadway production. He blamed me realized I wouldn’t be his victim then blames easy child 1 and easy child 2. He put both their Nintendo ds in the washing machine and started it (still can't figure out when). Didn’t sleep again last night and had to put motion sensors out again because we were afraid of what he’d do. Called school and told them he had a dr appointment (psychiatrist). No matter what he did I couldn’t get him to go so husband took an early lunch to stay with him and I went anyways (we’d get charged no matter what). Spent the half hour in psychiatrists office in tears. She thinks I have ptsd from all difficult children drama. Left with a prescription of trazadone to help difficult child sleep and xanax for me. I’m just at the end of my rope. All the other kids are getting neglected because I’m constantly trying to do difficult child damage control. I’d like to get difficult child admitted to psychiatric hospital for a medication wash but I’m sure insurance will fight it. I really don’t know what to do anymore. Just venting I guess. I do read on this site almost every day and find it comforting to know there are other parents out there that feel my pain.
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    ((((HUGS))))) Don't know what more to say except I'll send extra strong positive thoughts your way this week.

    by the way try calling the insurance company for that approval WHILE difficult child is raging. Let them hear a bit of your 'life'.
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    Keista might have a good point. I'm sending hugs too.

    phos stay does look like its in order.

    Hope the other kids are very good for you.
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    Whew....sounds like he is really manic. Hugs to you all. If he talks at all about suicide or homicide the psychiatric hospital has to admit him and ins has to pay. Just drive him there or have the police pick him up during one of these rages. Your difficult child sounds just like Matt at that age....and yes we DO get PTSD from these kiddos....sigh. I think a medication wash is a definite even if he doesn't go psychiatric hospital....and he might need two mood stabs.....lots of bi polar kids do. Looks like he is on just one.
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    Whenever I read that a child is suddenly out of control, I ask if he is on any new medications or were the medications increased. I'm especially wondering about the Abilify. So...any new medications or new doses of medications? I actually believe, from my own medication experiences, that the medications should be looked at before you look at how life is going for a child.
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    I definitely agree that a psychiatric hospital is needed. Did you call psychiatrist? What did he/she have to say? Our psychiatrist always decided psychiatric hospital stays and insurance went along with it. I think it helps if psychiatrist is on board. Sending gentle hugs your way(I've been down this road many times).
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    Hugs. I agree with wo. It sounds like the poor kiddo needs a major tune up
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    God its been a longgg day. Thanks for your replies it gives me comfort reading them. difficult child had a horrible nights sleep again even with the new trazadone. He still kept going during the day only irritable to the umpteenth degree. he is being admitted to the hospital tomorrow. First thing their going to do is attempt to regulate his sleep cycle (he's suffering from insomnia induced psychosis according to psychiatrist). Our psychiatrists office is actually located in a clinic within the hospital so he will be admitted from her office. The only problem is getting him there. Its been a huge issue since we started seeing her because difficult child is convinced everytime we have an appointment we will leave him at the hospital and never come back. I haven't told him anything about the plans tomorrow. I still don't know how we're going to get him into the car because he is on high alert. I'm going to have to wing it someone. He knew I was talking back and forth with psychiatrist today and actually wrestled the phone out of my hand when I was talking to husband thinking I was talking to her. After that he managed to take all the phones and hide them when I was changing easy child. Only just found my cell phone an hour ago because he switched it to silent. ugh

    As far as his medications go... He's pretty much been on the same medication since his last psychiatric hospital stay in may. He did really awesome for a long time and started gradually going downhill we he started school. only bad thing about abilify i noticed is that he appetite changed. psychiatrist told us to add an additional clonidine dose in the mornings and that helped for a while. His sleep only got out of whack in the last week or so. This last school freak out happened due to this same kid we've had problems with twice this year already pushing difficult children buttons. How could this have happened when difficult child has a one on one behavior buddy I have no idea. Last school year was a disaster, he was already on homebound by this time. He does have an iep this year but how do I explain whats happening with him to our new school? Or do I?

    I have no idea how he's still awake as he's had a trazadone dose every four hours since I woke up. Its supposed to be a sedative. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

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    Can you call the police and ask for an ambulance? Or ask for help transporting him? Explain that driving with him in the car will be dangerous and you need to get him to the hospital. If he had a physical disability they would transport him.