difficult child met "new friend" when Baker Acted....

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DDD, Mar 13, 2010.

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    Yep, nineteen year old Aspergers ++ difficult child who never has friends received a letter yesterday and opened it while we were on the phone. It was from a "girl" who is incarcerated in the County jail. She said she hoped they could become good friends. She asked him to write her and included her inmate number and the warning that he could only send a postcard due to "new" rules at the jail.

    I, casually, asked him who she was and he responded "oh some weird girl that I met". No he hasn't shared the news about the Baker Act with me yet. :( I bit my tongue and said very casually "if she's locked up she probably wouldn't be the best person to hang with".

    I looked her up on the County site and she is 25 and has six charges going back to '04 for fraud, illegal credit card use, destruction of personal property. Holy Cow!

    easy child/difficult child found out where they met and suggested difficult child pass up the opportunity. Isn't it amazing how one new potential problem just floats in to difficult child family lives? It's like you can never truly exhale. Whine. DDD
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    Whine is right. sheesh.