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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by elizabrary, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Well, Kat and IG are moving back in-state, just an hour from where I am. I do not greet this news with happiness, as now I am worried all the chaos will be right up in my face again. Guess I will have to work on my boundaries! I know she will try to get me to take KK overnight frequently. I am certainly prepared to say NO to that as I have been.

    My other big concern is that I am fairly certain IG is selling drugs- who knows what- because how else could they afford to live as they do. I guess on that front all I can do is hope she is not with him when he gets arrested (they all do sooner or later) or be prepared to take the baby if she is. I hate this! I just want a normal kid who I am happy to have live near me. :badmood:
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    If he's selling drugs around KK I'd report him to CPS and have it over with.
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    I did contact CPS in the other state, who I know did at least contacted them. It makes me wonder if that's why they're moving.
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    Most likely it is why they're moving. It's why Katie and M couldn't get out of Mo fast enough.

    If you're considering taking the grandbaby if cps removes her..........you may reconsider on the weekend visits with her. It will keep your bond strong with her and make the transition for her much smoother when the time comes. You can still set up how often this will be and keep that limited. Might be worth a try.

    Can't say I blame you for not wanting the drama back up in your face again. ugh I know that feeling all to well. If you think cps would at least look into it, it might be worth the call just for the chance to get it over with quickly.

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    What WItz said.

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    To quote what someone said in an alanon meeting the other day, "no is a complete sentence"

    Just try to remember that when she calls :)