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    difficult child's boyfriend (E) came over last night by himself just as H and I were finishing up dinner. It was sort of odd because G is usually with him. I instantly knew something was up but waited. We chitchatted for a while and then he became serious and said, "Well, the main reason I am here is because I want to ask for your permission or blessing or whatever to marry your daughter. I love her so much and I've never EVER felt this way in my life before about anyone and I just know that I want to marry her" and then he looked like a scared little kid, lol. H said, "G's an adult and so, I think the decision is hers, Know what I mean??" and E said, "Well, I know, but out of respect, I thought I should let you know that I'm picking up the ring next week and I'm going to make it official. We've discussed it a few times and I think we're both ready. It's just unbelievable how perfect we fit together. She's great with my boys and I don't know, it just works. I am happy every day, every single day, never a bad day with G". (After he left H turned to me and asked, "Was he talking about G?! LOL)

    So, what could we do? He's totally correct - they are so very well suited, despite the age difference (9 years) and the baggage they both bring to the relationship. I am always in awe of how perfectly they fit together and he's a hard working guy, a good dad, and it's clear he loves Gina. He grew up with a lot of sisters so he also knows when to keep quiet. He gets G - he goes with her moods and somehow, they work very well.

    I have concerns about their financial stability and I know the mother of his boys is going to flip out - her head will pop right off her shoulders when she learns of their engagement, so G will have to be on her guard.

    Anyway, I'm still digesting this new development. I'm happy and yet, I'm sad...feels like I'm officially losing my little Bean. Oh! And yesterday G asked me if I would be angry if they eloped one day. From a financial point of view, not at all. But I'd really love to be there when they promise and profess their love to one another for always, you know? I guess time will tell how this pans out.

    And one last thing. G finally saw the Dr and went back on Prozac (only 10mg). Initially it was to help with her PMDD, but My God, she is feeling amazing! She said she wishes she listened to me about an AD years ago. Hahaha, <eye roll>

    So, that's difficult child's update!
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    That is absolutely awesome. Another success story. I'm not sure I can handle many more of these ..... but then again .... it does help to keep my hope alive. Thanks for sharing H&R. I am very happy for you (guy, "grandkids, medications). What more could a mother ask for?!?
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    That is an awesome update!!!!!! Love it!!!! :)
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    Awwww - what an amazing mommy moment for you!!! Keep us updated on the progress!

    Does she ever come here to read????
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    I think she has, but not lately...I hope not!!!
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    How wonderful, Jo- a Christmas engagement! I'm so happy for the lovebirds and delighted that you approve!

    Suz :wine:
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    What a lovely evening! I'm happy for you all. Hugs. DDD
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    That is too cute. And what a NICE young man this is to ask for your blessing.

    I too am thrilled for your family.
    Smiling from ear to ear,
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    As far as eloping goes... a young couple I know told their parents to reserve every weekend in the month of XXX... (without telling why, but they kinda knew), and then... called them on a Thurs and said... if you want to be at the wedding, it will be at YYY on Sat, at whatever time... dress is "business".

    And... yes, their parents, and direct siblings, showed up. Nobody else - which is exactly what they wanted.
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    Oh I am just so thrilled for you Jo! and for your daughter!

    How old are your new grandkids going to be? Tell us about them! You get to join the Grandma Club along with the mother in law club in one fell swoop! Thats pretty darned lucky if you ask me...lol. I think getting a ready made family is nice. Tony was thrilled that I came with his first son already attached...lol.
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    What I have learned is that as I get older, I genuinely suck at keeping a secret. I've told easy child, my niece at work, two coworkers and all of you here. It will be a miracle if G doesn't find out before E asks her! Omg, I must glue my mouth shut...pray I didn't ruin it.

    Janet, the boys are 9 and 8 and they are very cute boys. I'm not used to boys AT ALL, so it's been kind of fun getting to know them. The older one is like a mini me of his dad, very Mr. Little Me, lol. The younger one is a difficult child for sure. Aside from some physical issues (vision and hearing, he was a preemie), he's also got a wicked case of ADHD and a learning disability is very likely. His biomom is awful and doesn't give the poor kid his medications on the day E has him. difficult child wants desperately to advocate for the kid at school because the biomom doesn't do anything about anything...it's a ong story. difficult child feels she would be a good advocate since she's been there done that. Her desire to take it all on reminds me a bit of Step2two, I'm very proud of her. I don't want to discourage her, but I did warn her not to push too hard with the biomom.

    Anyway, it's exciting, yes!