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  1. So difficult child had called me last night, during his call he told me that he had reported a kid that is new to the unit because this kid was bragging about having something to cut himself with (where he got it or what he had I have no idea). So difficult child reported it to staff. I guess this kid just transferred in from the adolescent acute unit. difficult child told me just briefly (they are not supposed to talk about the other kids, so he didn't really go into it), apparently this kid must be a cutter because difficult child said he saw scars.

    Anyway, difficult child called me today during my lunch break and informed me that they have him (difficult child) on a protective watch, because this kid has threatened difficult child. They apparently brought in an additional staff member too. There usually is two attendants and a nurse at all times on the unit. There is probably 10-12 kids on his unit right now. difficult child didn't tell me what was happening with this kid, just said that there is a staff member that is basically shadowing difficult child. The day room where they spend their time is pretty open, but I am glad to know they are taking extra precautions. difficult child is the youngest and smallest on the unit.

    It's a good thing that difficult child is more regulated now than he was a few months ago, because before he was stable, he would have been so freaking out that someone was out to kill him. When I talked to him, he didn't seem even bothered by it. He said he knew he did the right thing by reporting it, that it could have been dangerous for not only this kid, but someone else. He said that he knew the staff was taking extra precautions to keep him safe.

    As if it isn't stressful enough to have difficult child at Residential Treatment Center (RTC)!
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    Way To Go, difficult child! I'm glad they have him on protective watch under these circumstances- I'm sorry he needs it, but I think he made a mature decision and that shows a lot!!
  3. I am proud of him for making that choice. I told him "you know you made the right decision don't you" he said "yes I know". I am very glad they have him under protective watch as well.
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    What a great kid.
    So sorry he's on watch but so glad they are protecting him. Sigh.
    "Snitching" is what gets kids on the street in trouble with-other kids and then of course continues onto adulthood. That's why so many criminal trials are thrown out because the witnesses refuse to testify. It's great to learn now to tell the truth, and to know that adults and others will protect him. Bravo.
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    Your difficult child did the right thing and I'm so glad the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is taking extra security measures.