difficult child really surprising me.

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    On Monday difficult child's psychiatrist increased her risperdal and by about Thursday I could tell it was starting to balance out. Friday I had to get out of the house and I've been needing some new clothes so I made a crazy decision: Take difficult child and easy child to the mall with only my Moby Wrap and single stroller as Im still waiting for my double stroller to arrive (yes, I ordered it!).
    I struck a deal with difficult child, she loves those. I told her she could walk while holding Mommys 'tail' which is the end of my Moby Wrap but when we went into a store she had to get in the stroller. She agreed and never ran off! She even survived the ultimate test; Build a Bear Workshop! We had a minor meltdown when she picked out her bear but it was resolved quickly, she stood in the line which seemed to take forever even for me, helped stuff her bear, picked out clothes, sat at the computer and pushed the buttons I pointed at then stood patiently while I paid the insane amount for a darn stuffed animal.
    The next day we went to the park which was a bit shaky. She was pretty rough with other kids but not as bad as she used to be. We went home, she crashed the second she saw her bed. I needed a dresser so we headed to Ikea...on a Saturday afternoon. This time I left the stroller in the car and even managed to eat a meal out with difficult child sitting down the entire time. That has never happened. She did however stay up until almost 11pm but I expected that, difficult child and naps don't mix.
    This morning was difficult and she fought me until her Bapa came to pick her up for a hike. I guess he fought to keep her awake all afternoon but bless his heart he brought her home just in time for dinner. She didn't want him to leave as usual but I tried a gentle approach. I sat down next to her on the floor and told her he had to go home and she needed to stay with us but I'd let her pick out anything she wanted from the Chinese take-out menu. "Pizza!" she said, and amazingly she let me redirect her back to Chinese!
    I know she was tired, she was in bed and asleep before 7:30. Tomorrow may be rough but we are making fantastic progress. Im just not counting on it lasting. These are big steps but she may move backwards if an episode strikes. Thats ok with me because for the first time in 3 years I got to take my baby girl (and her baby sister) out for dinner!
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    So glad you had a pleasant day!