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    It's been over a week since difficult child had all the blood work done.
    Called Dr. today. One test was still out, others were all normal.
    The test that is out was some neurogical blood test. Don't know if
    I heard him correct. Said looking for things like Lupus and the other things
    he said I didn't understand. But, no headaches this week that required any medication.

    School - as I posted many times School and difficult child are like water and oil. He has hated school from day one. Including pre-school. His elementary school was very large, 700+ kids. Middle school over 1000. I spent most days at school.

    High School - we chose a small Technical School. 380 kids total. (now the district high school is a block away with 3000 kids) All his friends went to the large school. Today, he came home and said "I love school".
    I almost fell off my chair. Never has he ever come close to even LIKING school. I know it has only been 4 days and there are many more to go, but first time ever. Still, holding my breath.

    difficult child's friend (girl) was hit by a car crossing the street to the high school a block away. She was taken to Childrens Hospital in Milwaukee with serious brain injury. difficult child talked to her cousin who lives with her. She is in a coma. The driver...hit and run. Found the car with front end damage and windshield damage in the school parking lot. The 16 year old driver hit her and went and parked the car and went to class like nothing happened. he was arrested. difficult child said he is sad. Afraid she may not wake up. Then again sad if she does what may be wrong with her. This is actually on the internet. (google Kenosha Tremper Student)

    Then....a friend, whom I have been close to for many, many years has a daughter the same age as difficult child. He often goes over there. The daughter goes to a very small charter school and they are very strict with her. difficult child was there and the girl opened the silverware drawer and found a bag of pot and a pipe. She told difficult child she saw her mom smoking the pipe and didn't know what it was. She asked difficult child if it was pot. They opened it and difficult child said yep. Now he knows kids that smoke, sees it at school. difficult child said girl is really mad. She isn't allowed to talk on the phone, internet or wear make-up and her mom does this. difficult child asked if I knew. I did, but I really don't want to get involved in this. Due to some unkind words directed at me I haven't spoken to them in 5 months. I was tempted to go give them a heads up on what happened. But afraid of sticking my nose where it shouldn't be. husband jumped in and redirected the conversation when difficult child asked if I knew. he never persued an answer.

    so..for now, difficult child has no headaches, likes school and even stayed home on a Friday night. He IS upset about his friend though.
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    wow, what a roller coaster ride for difficult child. He loves school, one friend with a serious head injury, and another who found our her mom smokes pot. He seems to be handling all this well, from your post. My prayers and thoughts go out to his friend who was hit by the car.
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    Sounds like there are some worrisome things that have deveoped with difficult child's friends. I'm sorry about all that.

    But, I'm estatic with the "I love school" comment - something that us parents of difficult children rarely ever hear!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, easy child parents too!!! I'm glad the headaches are not bothering him.

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    Great about difficult child loving school. I am sorry about the friend who was injured. I understand the worry in a very personal way (Jessie was hit by a car yesterday on her way to the bus, but is in very good shape - here at home, knee and ribs bruised but that is all - and we can't find the car!) So I really understand his worry. Please tell him I will keep his friend in my prayers.
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    Fantastic news about no headaches. Maybe he was stressing so much about school and now that he likes school can relax a bit?

    Great news about liking school. It is so unusual for a Pre-schooler - 1st grader to hate school. I think it usually starts the end of 1st and some time before 5th grade. I understand what a great relief it is for you to have your child like to go to school. So stressful when they hate school or daycare - you just hate sending them off daily to some place they dislike so much even though you know it is good for them. My kids didn't have anything against daycare, just wanted to be home instead.

    I will pray for the friend of the car accident. Your difficult child's maturity is showing as he thinks about the future for his friend if there are any lasting injuries.

    The friend whose mom does pot is in a very tough spot. If you gave them a heads up, they would probably just punish the girl who may be trying to figure out how to ask for help? Maybe encourage difficult child to encourage his friend to talk to a school counselor about it?
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    The most beautiful words a parent can hear from their child. (Well, that, and I love you. :) )
    That is AWFUL about difficult child's friend. I cannot believe the driver would just go to school like nothing happened. That nauseates me.
    I am so sorry about the pot-smoking mom. Dbl standard for sure. Sheesh.
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    Likes school and no headaches. Definitely a good week!!