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    so much about easy child i forgot about this one...... i was juggling two situations at same time always fun lol.

    i had totally spaced on the iep mtg. i had for difficult child, so yesterday i suddenly remembered i went up there and said sorry but i'm tabling it. i'm not prepared for this mtg and her education and social emotional future is too important for me to wing it at this point.

    i did sign off on them testing her for eligibility for the iep. so that's being scheduled. they were rather nice i was surprised. they all had sad faces on i guess they get what my years been like?? could they actually be human?? i don't know.

    so their giong to work with her cbt guy in lining up provisions for next year i signed release. right now it doesnt' look like she'll go to next grade she's too far behind.

    so i put in for more tutoring hours, they only gave me 1 hr a week each subject and i have spring break wtih her where work will stop generating at school so i asked tutors to load me down with lessons and i'lm going to try to get her caught up on my own.

    yea that should be interesting..... between that and easy child gone i'l def be poppin them xanax!!!

    we're thinking of slowly integrating her back in june, they do have inclusion i found out i told them that's what i want for her.

    she seemed a bit excited and nervous to be back in the bldg. she had to go to mtg had nowhere to leave her. she at in a back room.

    we'll see how that goes....... we have our sleep study being set up on friday an appointment to see exactly what's going on in her head during the night hours and why she swings as she does besides saying she has bipolar i want more proof now

    just figured i'd update :)
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    Sounds good, how does your inclusion work? My SD has 6 inclusion kids out of a class of 24. They have core subjects with the full class and a co-teacher and when the other kids do foreign language or other specials, the inclusion kids are together with their co-teachers for reinforcement work. They don't go to resource room. My son was found not eligible for inclusion, he goes to resource room 5 days a week and has a scribe to write his assignments and classwork for him.
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    it seems to work that each class will have an aid in it, than at end of day there are two periods of which she can meet with-the aid, go over homework or assignments to tie up any lose ends from the day.

    to be honest i dont' think she'll be eligible the school's doing the testing, last time that happened they said she's fine LOL. yea ok.
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    Sure hope they get their topsides out of the bottomsides this time!
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    My son has a full time aide who scribes for him - she even writes his HW down in the planner and he's in all mainstream classes except for resource room one period daily. Will she have the same aide every period?

    What you're describing doesn't sound like true inclusion to me. True inclusion generally means co-teaching with a sped and a gen ed teacher in the class together with the class being a true mixed level class with representatives of all but the kids who require self-contained as their LRE.
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    that's what inclusion is here in all areas. it's a room that has an aide another set of hands to help out. it's a mix of diff functioning kids with the extra set of hands to help out.